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Has globalization worsened conditions of inequality and pove

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Bella Kim

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Has globalization worsened conditions of inequality and pove

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Has globalization worsened conditions of inequality and poverty?
- Introduction
- Purpose
- Definition

- Claims & Arguments
1. Poverty
2. Global income inequality
3. Trade liberalization

- Conclusion

Discuss the relation between globalization, inequality and poverty, as well as the effects of global integration on inequality and poverty.

Three sections
Although growing poverty and inequality are still critical issues, there are clear benefits of economic integration due to globalization for the international community, and this does help reduce extreme poverty.
- Davies, J.B. Et al. (2006) The world distribution of household wealth. WIDER Research Paper, 5. Dec., UNU-WIDER, New York
- Dollar, D. (2005) Globalization, poverty and inequality, In M. M. Weinstein (ed.), Globalization: What's new? New York: Columbia University Press
- Held and David. (2004) Global covenant: The social democratic alternative to the Washington Consensus , MA: Polity press
- Held, D. and McGrew A. (2007) Globalization/Anti-Globalization, Polity
- Kiely, R. (2007) The new political economy of development, Palgrave, ch.7
- Sala-I-Martin, Xavier (2006) 'The World Distribution of Income: Falling poeverty and... Convergence, period.' Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol. 121 Issue 2, p351-397
- Winters (2002) 'Trade Liberalisation and Poverty: What are the Links?', The World Economy 25(9): 1339-67
Thank you !
Claim 3- Trade liberalization
It is questionable how much poor countries have been benefited from trade liberalization.

- For examples,
1. Sub-Saharan African countries
2. Latin American countries
Open trade has contributed to increase in household income and to reduction of poverty (Winters, 2002).

- For instances,
Growing World Trade and Exports
Claim 2 - Global income inequality
The income gap between the world's richest and poorest states has doubled since 1960 (Held and McGrew, 2007).
Along with poverty reduction, globalists believe that income inequality have fallen due to globalization.

- Sala-i Martin (2006)
- Held and McGew (2007)
What is globalization?
Claim 1 - Poverty
All the main parties support nonstop expansion in world trade and services although we all know it... makes rich people richer and poor people poorer (Dollar, 2005).
Global poverty has declined over last 20 years due to the neo-liberal adjustment policies adopted by developing countries (Kiely, 2007).

- For example, South & East Asia and Pacific
Name : Bella HJ Kim
Tutor : Andrew Wright
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