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Ballet Folklorico de CSUF

No description

Elvia De Anda

on 11 May 2013

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Transcript of Ballet Folklorico de CSUF

What is Folklorico? Executive Board Positions Mesa Cooperativa Executive Board Positions Ballet Folklorico is used to denote folk dance from México. When did it begin? Folklorico Movement began in the 70s as a Chicano search for both political and cultural identity Why is it important? Provides a means of cultural expression and a source of community pride and identity. Fun Facts Two geographic Regions
Maximilian brought Polka music with his troops
1850 music became identified as Chihuahense Music Live beat

Saxophone Style of Dance Danced in couples
Steps are energetic and light Costume Geographic Regions The state of Veracruz is divided into three main geographic regions:
1. Huasteca
2. Centro
3. Sotavento
Son Jarocho de Veracruz support network for students on campusBaile de Monton
large groups of womenThe Bienvenida, Dia de los Padres, Chicano/Latino Heritage Month and The Cinco de Mayo celebration

Baile de Pareje
generally one couple

Baile de Competencia
displays rivalry between groups Music A unique 39 string harp is the very soul of "Jarocho music"
Accompaniment is provided by other string instruments
Musicians play with the Veracruz harp, which is smaller and much more vibrant than the classical harp
the jarana and requinto add accompaniment and rhythm, as well as the Spanish guitarra. Costume University Folklorico Summit (UFS) -Grant writing
-Some movement
-Mainly educational
-Unity among University Groups 2013 Experience 2014 HOSTED BY BF de CSUF Jan. 31-Feb. 2 Committees -PR/ Marketing
will be in contact with other schools and handle social media

-Pannel/Speaker committee
will find speakers and ask for their accommodations
-Finance Committee
in charge of budget, fundraiser, grant applications, and sponsors

-Event Planner
Making the program for the weekend, organize performances (if any), lunch time and socials

-Location Committee
Finding affordable and close hotels for lodging, transportation, room reservation and decoration, and fun stuff to do in Fullerton
Interested? email Gaby Rincon gabyrx9p3@csu.fullerton.edu President
Vice President
Public Relations
Event Coordinator
Artistic Director(s) Chicano/Latino Organizations Uniting as One! support network for students on campus The Bienvenida
Dia de los Padres
Chicano/Latino Heritage Month
The Cinco de Mayo celebration President
Vice President
Public Relations
Historian E-mail Elvia or Taz
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