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Bill Gates, American Money 02

No description

Logan Wilson

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of Bill Gates, American Money 02

Bill Gates
Personal background
Bill Gates married Malinda French on January 1, 1994. They had three children, the two daughters, Jennifer Katharine (b. 1996) and Phoebe Adele (b. 2002), and son Rory John (b. 1999). The family lived in the gates home, is was a earth sheltered house, in the side of a hill over looking lake Washington in Medina. the house was worth $125 million and the property of land was $991.000.
In 1975 before graduation Bill Gates left Harvard to form the company Microsoft with his friend Paul Allan. They planned to develop software for the newly emerging computer market. Bill Gates company Microsoft became famous for their operating systems and deals on business.
Motivations and incentives to start the business
Well was excused from his math courses to pursue his hobby of computer programming hobby and loves computers, but he was considering being a lawyer like his father when he found a company looking for computer language and Bill called and applied saying he had it, when he did not and wrote a BASIC for them.
How the entrepreneur kept the business competitive
He loved computers and he and his friends were in a private school who were disciplined and were able to succeed in becoming successful in life.
How the business has grown and spread to more people
It has spread to more people because of the mass production and Microsoft is on so many computers that is mainly the software on a lot of computers and also because the people who work at Microsoft help to spread the word.
The business idea
Why you chose the entrepreneur
The most interesting thing you learned about the entrepreneur
Why you think this entrepreneur was so successful
I chose Bill Gates because i really like computer engineering and i want to work at Microsoft and now that i know a lot about someone who was as successful as Bill Gates I am really motivated to do computer engineering even more.
I think that this man was so successful was because many people need software and computers to do so many things if i did not have the software i have i may not be able to do what i do on a computer.
I think the most interesting thing was that he was a simple child who went to privet school who fallowed his hobby of computers and was able to succeed and became the richest man on earth.
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