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Battle of Eutaw Springs

No description

Riley Barnes

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Battle of Eutaw Springs

The Battle of Eutaw Springs 1 2 3 4 5 6 Major Players Overview Casualties Date of Battle Result Interesting Facts Great Britain: US Colonies: Great Britain: US Colonies: By Riley Barnes Admiral Mariot Arbuthnot Alexander Stewert Nathanael Greene Force: 2000 Force: 2200 85 :Killed 119 :Killed Wounded: 352 Captured: 430 Wounded: 382 Captured: 78 September, 08 1781 Matter of opinion
Greene was caring for his wounded soldiers and left the battle field.
British retreated when Greene came back to continue the battle.
Greene took back all the territory.
Without this, there would have only been 10 original colonies instead of 13. American's early morning attack surprised Britain.
Center of Green's line fell apart and was later restored.
Stewart's whole line was giving in but then forced Greene to retreat.
Britain ran in every direction and the American's took over the camp.
American soldiers ignored their leaders warnings thinking they had won.
Britain came back and surrounded them.
After 4 hours of fighting, Greene went to care for his wounded soldiers.
Stewart stayed at the camp overnight and retreated the next day. Most soldiers used their
own guns in the war. 867 total 579 total
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