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Hero Journey: Theseus

No description

Kelly Carr

on 8 June 2011

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Transcript of Hero Journey: Theseus

THESEUS The Call: beginning of adventure, where the hero ( who is attractive) is called to face the unknow The Threshold: "jumping off point" for the journey, where the hero actually enters the unknown. There are often threshold guardians that have two functions: protect hero: helper/mentor - offers guidance and keeps hero focused The Challenges: series of trials/ temptations through these times the hero builds maturity skills, and confidence. They become more difficult. The Abyss: when hero faces his greatest fear/ most difficult trial. No mentor allowed, must do it alone. The Transformation: has overcome fears, made night decisions, changed into a better pesron. The Return: hero returns to everyday life:
-maybe wealth
-a strong leader
-etc. Theseus (The Call): The Call for Theseus is when he meets the talking gull. The gull was a messanger from his father, Posiden, telling him, "Do not fear your enemy's size, but use it against him." Theseus was small for his age and was always beatten. When the gull told him this, he immediately ran to the bully and slapped him in the face. The bully threw a punch, but Theseus pulled his arm, and the bully swung off balance and landed on his head. This gave Theseus great confidence, and courage. Then the gull told him he would recieve and unexpectecd gift and take a dangerous route to Athens. This is how Theseus was called in to the dangerous unknown. Theseus (The Threshold): The "jumping off point," for Theseus is when he pulled the sword out from the rock. This shows that Theseus was ready for the challenges ahead of him. Theseus knew of the danergers that lay ahead of him, but without a single thought he advanced forward. Instead of cowering at dangers feet, he welcomed them. Theseus (The Challenges): Theseus faced many challenges throughout his journey. The first challenge he faced was Corynetes, or the cudgeler. Theseus outwitted the cudgeler, and killed him with one strike of the cudgeler's own club. The second challenge he faced was Sciron. Theseus flung Sciron over the cliff to his death. The third challenge was when Theseus faced Pityocamptes, and ripped him in two. Lastly, Theseus went to an inn, and forced the Procrustes on the bed, chopped off his legs, and finally chopped off his head. Theseus ( The Abyss): Theseus' abyss is when he faced the Minotaur at Crete and saved the ladies and gentlemen. The King of Athens did not want his son to go, becuase he thought his son would surely die. Theseus defeated the Minotaur, and due to his brave and courageous actions 7 women and 7 men do not have to travel to Cretes to be attacked. Theseus (The Transformation): Theseus transformed into a brave and courageous young man, compared to when he was weak and, and could not beat his village bully in the beginning of the story. He did what the gull told him to do and "used his enemy's strength against them." In doing this he defeated Sciron, Corynetes, Pityocamptes, Procrustes, and the Minotaur. Now, Theseus is brave, courageous, and intelligent. Theseus (The Return): Theseus returned to everyday life when he came back to Athens with the two princesses. He then returns to Crete and reclaimed the crown he once recovered from the sea. Theseus (The Call): Theseus' recieved his "call" when a gull, his fathers messanger, told him, "Do not fear your enemy's size, but use it against them." Theseus was a very small boy for his age, and always was beat by the village bully. Theseus went up to the bully and slapped him in the face. The bully threw a punch, but Theseus used the bully's strength against him and pulled his arm. The boy swung off balance and landed on his head. By: Kelly Carr
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