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Digital Media vs. Physical Activity

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Gordy De St. Jeor

on 9 March 2014

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Transcript of Digital Media vs. Physical Activity

How to stay off digital Media and Social Media
How can you
become active?
What are Benefits to Physical Activity?
If you want to become active, some ideas for you are to bike, play outside with your friends, go for a run or a walk (which ever you prefer), or enroll in a sports-related activity.

What do I do for physical Activity?
Somethings that you should do:
keep a safe identity
make sure not to show anyone a picture of your face or your real name
post appropriate pictures and comments
Somethings that you should know about social Media
Some benefits to physical activity include:
more brain power
better health
better attitude
better sleep
Watch this Video for more information:

Digital Media vs. Physical Activity
Somethings that you shouldn't do:
Not keep a safe identity
Show your a picture of your face to a stranger on the internet
post inappropriate pictures or comments
For me, I like to Dance, Act, run, bike, climb, swim, and play hockey. Those are all of the things that I do that are active. Putting it all together I have about at least 13.5 hours of activity a week on average. My goal is to have 14 hours. (this does not include PE)
Digital Media:
Is it that bad?
Digital media is bad for your eyes and body. It can sometimes get you used to being lazy or having everything given to you. But I didn't say that it is bad. A little digital media each day is not bad. Watch this video for some pros and cons of social media:
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