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Economics: Module 6 Project

No description

Kevin Nguyen

on 3 August 2013

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Transcript of Economics: Module 6 Project

Module 6 Project by Kevin Nguyen
Air Pollution?
Air Pollution is a crucial issue worldwide. It harms the environment by spreading dangerous chemicals around. Air pollution has a harmful effect on humans as well. The chemicals in the air can cause us to become ill. Countries may be advancing as they industrialized themselves, however, the Earth is dying at the same time.
Identifying Criteria
The conditions for any possible solution regarding this issue would require an adequate amount of awareness and support. Labor and budget are key factors to the solutions. Challenges for implementing this solution are based upon the people and whether they choose to support this issue or not. The solutions should be decided based upon realism and logic, and externalities of the solution should be considered. My parents believe the issue is harmful to human health and should be resolved.
Possible Solutions?
A possible solution for reducing air pollution is the production of innovative air filters. However, government funding is important for this decision, and they will after petitions and letters for support on the issue are shown to the gov. officials. Alternatives may include carpooling or picking up trash instead of littering. Persuading numerous people to support the situation will aid in further resolving the issue.
Producing more innovative air filters creates positives and negatives. On the salutary end, consumer demand will rise, allowing businesses to flourish. The government demonstrates that they answer to the citizens needs. In addition, the solution is beneficial to the public health in America and around the world. On the other hand, this idea lead to an increase in expenditures for the U.S. The cost for the parts and production labor needed to create the innovation may leave a mark in the budget.
The choice to produce more revolutionary air filters is a great decision because it will help reduce the pollution in the air at a faster rate than people collecting trash. Additionally, it will help provide businesses more customers. Also, the U.S. can profit from selling these innovations to foreign countries to help with their pollution problems as well.
Environmental Issue - Air Pollution
Circular Flow Diagram
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