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Distribution Planning

No description

Mallory Cromer

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Distribution Planning

Understanding Distribution Planning
Multiple Channels
Used when a product fits both industrial and consumer markets

Control VS Cost
Weighing the control over distribution VS costs and profitability
Sales force costs $$$$
Independent Agents/Distributors- Lose Control

Distribution Intensity
How widely a product will be distributed
Distribution Planning
Selective Distribution
Limited number of outlsets in a geographic area sell a manufacturers product
Example Vera Wang and Armani sell clothing through stores that appeal to affluent customers, not chain or variety store
Exclusive Distribution
Distribution of a product in protected territories in a given geographic area.

Dealers are assured that they are the only ones within a certain radius that have the right to sell the product.
Intensive Distribution
Use of all suitable outlets to sell a product
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