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Social Media/Facebook Advertising

No description

Krystan Weir

on 8 December 2010

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Transcript of Social Media/Facebook Advertising

Advertising Social Media... Facebook social network site
founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg
ability to create personal profiles, stay connected with friends, etc.
over 500 million users, more than 30 billion pieces of content & over 900 million objects to interact with Introduction of Facebook Advertising brought to you by... Krystan's Ads Omar's Ads according to comScore.com, FaceBook attempted its first advertising campaign in November of 2007 with 'FaceBook Beacon,' a failed attempt to advertise to friends of users Microsoft Parter microsoft is facebook's exclusive partner for serving banner advertising
up until recently, facebook only served advertisements that existed in microsoft's advertisement inventory Real Examples 2 ways to advertise pay per click
pay per impression
microsoft owns pay per click advertisiments example Everyone's an Advertiser! questions? thank you. How Ads get to your page... advertising system
aggregated & anonymous
personal info not exposed
based on "like" clicks
information given to advertisers based on specific demographics Is facebook advertising effective? What are some opinions on facebook advertising? sources:
seanSEO.com-Aussie Internet Marketing
allfacebook.com Mallory Curran
Omar Khan
Colleen McLaughlin
Krystan Weir
some do not interact with ads
some find them useful & interesting targeting advertising unique data base for marketers
yes and no...more buzz on the web, but less clicks Positive Statistics 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations, ex: the "like" button. More likely to "like" something if a friend does (the new word of mouth)
only 18% of traditional tv campaigns generate a +ROI. people are relying on social media for influence
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