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Comic Drawing

No description

therase kutzy

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Comic Drawing

Recommended People!
Fun2draw! (found on youtube.)
markcrilley! (found on youtube.)
doodlekat1! (foundon youtube.)
How To Draw Cartoons-Easy Step By Step Drawing Tutorials (found on youtube.)
Mutch more!
These pitchers will show you how to put personality in a pitcher!
This is the history of cartoons in order of time!
Animated cartoons are series of drawing film.
How Cartoons came about?
When Disney princesses started.
Vary popular later films.
Important people in the making of cartoons!
Dr Seuss.
Walt Disney.
Ways to show the personality in a cartoon!
A boy.
A girl.
A persons face.
What you will learn in this Prezi!
The history of Cartoons.
famous people in the making of cartoons.
Making traits for a girl or a boy.
showing the personality of the person.
Recommended people for more drawing tips.
By Therase Kutzy
Fun2draw drawings!
Mark Crilley Drawings
Doodlekat1 drawings!
How To Draw Cartoons-Easy Step By Step Drawing Tutorials Drawings!
a girl!
persons face
sad happy
What can you notice in these two pictures?
From what you learn draw this!
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