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Looking For Alaska

No description

Kris s

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Looking For Alaska

Looking For Alaska
By: John Green
Kris Small,Sally Terrones
Katie Orellana

"Looking for Alaska" is based at a boarding school called Culver Creek in Alabama. The date isn't given directly. but the book takes place over the course of a year. I'm guessing between 2009-2010. The climate is hot and sticky, very humid.
Point of view
,Lizbeth Gonzalez, and

Plot Events
Authors Purpose
Figurative Language
The story is from 1st point of view. Miles is the one who is telling the story and the story blooms off his perspective. The advantage of this point of view is that it lets us see out of the eyes of a smart teenage boy on his journey through the labyrinth and for his Great Perhaps, showing all the emotion and thoughts along the way.
The conflicts are Man vs. Himself, Man vs. Society, and Man vs. Man. The way Miles is facing himself is that he is in search of a meaning to existence, or a Great Perhaps. He struggles with finding this up until the very end of the book. Miles goes up against society after It happens, and it's very harsh on him, leaving Miles feeling almost lost. Miles goes Man vs. Man on the various conflicts he has with all the other students and especially the Eagle.
Miles- shy, tall, skinny. He moves to Culver Creek .
The Colonel- short and intelligent. Alaska's best friend.
Takumi- he is a good rapper .
Alaska- her mothers dealth scared her for life. She is cheerfull and she is the Colonel's best friend.
Lara- an exchange student.
The eagle- Principle of the school, head of student discipline.

Lizbeth Personal Experience
Katie's book review
This is the story of Miles "pudge" Halter, a young, awkward, lowly teenage boy and his fascination with the finding of his great perhaps. To begin this, he had wanted to pursue his great perhaps at a boarding school called Culver Creek. Only when he reaches the school does he realize what he's gotten himself into.
My personal experience is like Alaska because she is always cheerful.She is always cheerful even thought bad things happen to her like her mothers death. She always has positive attitudes.Thats like me I always try to have a smile in my face. She is always trying her best to stay happy even when she depressed.
At this school, Miles goes to new extremes and finally gets to experience all the things he missed out on before. Being drugs or intimate activity, he enjoys his time until It happens. That's when there's no going back and everything changes.
Sally's Personal Experince
Sally's Personal Experience
John Green probably had a lot of reasons to formulate this story, but the most likely purpose he had was to give us all something to think about and to just question. I don't think he had any hidden meanings when writing this book, Just writing a story to write one I suppose.
I find this book "Looking For Alaska" to be a very fun book.What I like the most about it is the characters because it relates to me how we are both young and still growing up for example Pudge (main character) has to go through being independent and having responsibility
Kris' personal connections with "Looking for Alaska"
I connect most with Miles. I have previously been ignored and unspectacular, and also searched for a purpose. While I still haven't found mine, I'm glad for Miles to have found an answer. His story overall inspires me, because it shows that even the least significant of us can become spectacular, albeit corrupted. That's how I, personally, connect with miles and the story.
Book Review for Lizbeth
The book "Looking for Alaska",is an amazing book. I like how the characters act out their parts.I recommend that you read this book because it is interesting.It is interesting because it shows emotion and explains things with detail.It's more of a tale of how love isn't as translucent as it seems.There are also essential parts of teenage life thrown in casually ,as well as pranks and bets.The entire first half of the novel is devoted to this type of writing in the "Before" section. In the second part, or "After" section, the novel completely changes pace.
Book Review for Sally
Book Review for Kris
'So I walked back to my room and collapsed on the bottom bunk, thinking that if people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane.’ –pg109 ........Metaphor
I loved this book with a passion. It is extremely well written and has a great plot with exceptional character build up. You almost feel as if you're there with Miles and the rest. I would recommend this book only to "mature" people though. It has quite a few adult subjects, such as sexual activity, alcohol, smoking, and cursing, but if you can push past all these, the book is a lovely read. Out of 10 stars, I rate it 9.5/10.
katies personal experience
"It was wrinkled like an old woman who'd spent her youth sunbathing." (Green, p. 34)......Simile
"But for now, at least I knew such people, and they needed me, just like comets need tails." (Green, p.49).....simile
I like the book " Looking For Alaska" because it relates to us because we are teens. I relate more to Alaska because she likes to try new things everyday. Shes not afraid of taking risk or doing dangerous things. She likes to be herself all the time she doesn't care what other people think of her.
Julissa's Personal Connections With Alaska
The beauty of the book is that it doesn't hide anything. It showcases what young love and growing up really are in a brutal and honest ways.How the characters communicate, their relationships with each other, their pasts and the pleasure that comes with being a bad kid shine through the pages.This book really is amazing . John Green created a book full of mystery.I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun interesting book.
I thought the book was very interesting. Because it talks about difficulties that they go through. But they also talk about how they get through them. The book describes the characters very well with much details. It talks about how how their relationships are and what goes on in their life. I liked the book cause it talks about a teenagers life.i recommend this book because its very interesting and emotional on how they express their love to each other.
I think that the character I can relate with is Alaska. She's the kind of girl who would always try to have that smile on her face and carry that positive attitude, after everything she has gone through, like her mothers death. In the book it doesn't hide anything it says it all in detail.
Julissa Lopez
Book review for Julissa
"Looking for Alaska" is a very interesting novel. It's mostly about teenagers and the things they do together. I like how the characters react in the story. The best part of the novel was when most of the characters talk about their past and connect with one another. My favorite character was Alaska, she was the one who always had a positive attitude and a fun person.
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