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No description

choi Gian

on 16 September 2015

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Transcript of Education:

Secondary Research
External Analysis
PEST Analysis
Internal Analysis - SWOT Analysis
Secondary Research
Comparison of HKFYG and JAHK
Primary Research
Internal Analysis - SWOT Analysis
Result and analysis
Research Methodology

An in-depth interview

- A qualitative research

- 10 alumni referral by JAHK

- Participants and volunteers

- 18 years old to 25 years old

- University graduates

WhatsApp Group


Alumni chat groups

- Direct and efficient

- Closer relationship with alumni

- Recruitment for volunteers

- Message exchange


- A smart phone

- Phone number for public use

- Email direct marketing (EDM) tools

- Attractive

- Customize design and style

- Easy to manage

New Design
Budget ~ Mail Chimp

Short term

- No expiring trial or contracts

- Below 12,000 emails per month

Long term

- Upgrade with USD10 per month to reach unlimited emails

- Delivery by time zone

- Avoid the spam filter diagnostics

Old version
Political stable city
Judicial independence
Well-developed legal system
Fair and safety environment
Taxations policies - 35% deduction

Low unemployment rate at 3.2

Disposable income levels increasing

Inflation continuously increasing
Warmhearted city
Willing to help others

Population growth rate increasing
Target customer increasing

Good internet service network

Mobile apps for smart phone

Aware of JAHK
From school
Referral by friends
Most attractive activities
Educational activities
Voluntary teacher
Business program
Company program

Promotion and social activities were insufficient

Unattractive E-newsletter
Heading was so boring
Lack of picture & color

Unaware of JAHK Facebook Fans Page

Commonly used social media

Online and offline platform
12months marketing communication plan

We Recommend
Camping events
Members prepare their own camping equipments
Camp fire party at night
Experiences sharing

Monthly Gathering
Share basic information
eg.: education

Raise brand awareness

Promote positive word-of-mouth

Language : use Chinese


increase their awareness

Design an event activity
for " JA Company Program"

invite more people to come
like and share the post can get souvenir

Need to find sponsors
Photos & movie sharing app on phone
Event photo
Educational movie

11% active users

Using photo and video to express the information

Hash tags# apply to specific promotion

No cost

To develop the JAHK alumni community strategy

To produce a 12 month marketing communications plan

To reach out JAHK alumni and develop a strong community

To provide online & offline platforms and events for alumni networking

Q & A
- JAHK was historical organization (about 100 years) in USA

- Programs in Hong Kong are made reference from USA programs

- Conducted various types of course

- Huge social network with different organizations

- Recognitions of JAHK
- Not a well-known charity organization in Hong Kong

- JAHK only focused on direct e-mail and Facebook page

- JAHK’s Facebook Page was not success

- Had not public events / courses

- The government had certain values to sponsor local charities
- People feel being volunteer were meaningful

- Education system more focused on social activities in recent year

- Internet was very universal, very easy to get much information

- Many different charity organizations in Hong Kong

- Business companies had their own company activity

- School can only choose few charity organization

Respondents Background

7/10 Student
2/10 Teacher
1/10 Account consultant
Seniority of alumni
Familiar concept of JAHK

Did not present an obstacle
Total respondents = 10

5 Males & 5 Females

7/10 by school
3/10 referral by friends
Promotion in school was effective and efficiency
Influences and impact of peer also important

Channel to recognize JAHK
Educational and business activities

Personal growth and career paths

Satisfaction and accomplishment

Favor activities
All of the respondents ->
JAHK programs can enhance their personal development skill

To help them to move forward

To increase their confidence, patience and self-determination

To improve business skill
Personal development skill
The most popular social media are...?

- Low awareness of Facebook fan page

- Didn't follow the page

- Feeds are too infomative

- English only

- Page update not frequently

Opinion of JAHK's Facebook
All of the respondents ->

join JAHK’s voluntary activity before

being volunteer was very practical

What did alumni gain from
JAHK Voluntary activity?
Feedback on JAHK Promotion
9/10 repondent -> key factors
Heading was so boring
Lack of picture & color

too informative
content arrangements were weak

The weaknesses of E-newsletter
Are the program enough?
9/10 : Not enough of JAHK’s social activities

6/10 : hope gathering of alumni

4/10 : hope the talk which invite successful person

Competitors of JAHK
6/10: Participated the events by other organizations
3/10: Participated the events by HKFYG
-Popular & convenience

- Build up and keep relationship -> friends & family

- JAHK can create the official apps

- Photos of event, program details, information

- Create membership account system

- Apply the programs and events

- Can comment and sharing in the apps


- Design and develop: Cooperate with university project

- Maintain and management :
employ staff (updating information and answer the inquiries)
(HK$15,000 of staff salary)

- Computer for the apps server (HK$5,000 of new computer)

Membership Card
Can improve membership system
Easy to recall the volunteer
Include general information
The main color use green to match JAHK’s color
The Design of Member Card

- E-print Website for instance
- 100pcs of matt laminated card (260g double-sided coated art paper)
- If the order quantity is higher, the lower unit cost.

Junior Achievement Hong Kong (JAHK)

Non-Government Origination

Using qualitative method

To produce a 12 month marketing communications plan

BA/BA (Hons)
Marketing Management

A marketing communications plan for
the JAHK Alumni community

Team 3

Student Name: Napier matriculation no.:

Choi Tsz Yan/ Gian 40186984

Cheung Kit Yee/ Kit 40186976

Lai Ching Hang / Hanjin 40187007

Lam Po Hong/ Paul 40187834
JAHK office / Coffee shop
Different themes in every months
Delivery party foods set around HKD2800 for 30 persons
Quarterly Gathering
Convenience and relax place
Coffee shop
Mong Kok
HKD2000 - HKD2700 occupancy 60 persons for 4 hours
Full transcript