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Support Desk

No description

James Watkins

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Support Desk

Support Desk...
Attracting and Retaining Great Talent

Challenges of a Graduate Programme
Competing against banks, accounting firms and FTSE100s for best talent
Salary expectations within London are elevated
Graduate programmes within this field are time consuming and not cost effective
Graduate programmes require numerous rotations (normally six months)
What do we want?
to learn & develop
skills. Able to interact at all levels of the business, using the right "language".
Fast learner
- Shows intelligence and aptitude to learn.
- Latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to
future success
or usefulness.
- The quality of someone’s character or the level of their ability
Talent - Natural
or skill(s) e.g. IT Literacy
Targeted recruitment campaigns
Relevant and engaging attraction programmes
A compelling message that sets us apart
Thinking laterally, trying something different!
What do we give back?
Accredited training and development programme
Structured mentoring and support
Structured targets and deliverables
Competitive salary and benefits package
Great environment and company to work in
Excellent experience in a commercial environment
How do we attract it?
Experienced Hires - The Challenges
Attraction - do we compare favourably?
Retention & Attrition - low team turnover
Career development - what are the options?
Costs - what are we paying for; years of experience or the best person for the job?
Attracting talent by
thinking differently...
How do we attract high calibre, high potential people to...
Deliver high service levels
Take advantage of development opportunities
AND stay for a 2 year period minimum?
Apprenticeships - what you need to know
High potentia

GCSE & A-level students over low potential graduates
An understanding of a structured career path including accredited training and qualifications
Supported by an experienced third party
cost effective
Specific personal development plans integrated into NBCUI G&Os
A fantastic and engaging story to tell the business!!
How we do it
Using third party to provide the following;
Structured accredited qualifications through training programmes
Support with candidate sourcing & pre-screening
Fully bespoke assessment centres
Initial, one year development programme including 5 one week residential training blocks
Additional, on the job training as per our specific requirements
Starting salary of £12-15,000 per annum
Monthly course start dates
Great opportunity to develop current staff through mentoring and management
Level 3 ICT Training programme
Level 3 Diploma in ICT
Level 3 in ICT Systems and Principles
Level 3 Advanced Modern Apprenticeship Awarded by City & Guilds
CompTIA Strata Fundamentals of IT Technology
MTA Networking Fundamentals EXAM
Install, Configure and Integrate Networking HW & SW Assignment
Install, Configure and Integrate Networking HW & SW Multi Choice
MTA Security Fundamentals
Principles of System and Data Security
MTA: Windows Server Administration Fundamentals
MTA Server Administration Fundamentals Exam
MTA Operating systems Fundamentals
Carphone Warehouse
Virgin Atlantic
Thomson Reuters
So, the big question...
Courses will be staggered to minimise impact on business
What's the cost?
16-18 year olds - no fees
19-24 year olds - one off cost of £6,400
All training, accreditation, residential training and qualifications subsidised - no cost to us
Time investment at front-end
Set up of Managers / mentors and buddy scheme
Creation of training scheme and structure
Sky has taken on six apprentices - 4 on Support Desk and 2 in Development team.
Very positive feedback from business, with a strong "buddy" scheme in place.
"Median starting salaries for graduates in London is now £28,500.One fifth of top graduate programmes will pay new graduates more than £35,000 when they start work". High Fliers Graduate Report, July 2013
"While there is a good pool of talent, the competition for that talent is higher than ever and recent research ... suggests that this is likely to increase. This competition comes increasingly from banks, law firms and accountancy firms". Head of Graduate Resourcing, BP, November 2012
Salaries from £12-15,000 per annum
"i" article - August 15th 2013
"High flying A-level students are increasingly shunning university and opting to learn on the job instead. Thousands of teenagers are planning to snap up the growing number of apprenticeships on offer so they can earn while they train for a career..."
"Many of those seeking to be accepted will have top-grade passes - with firms insisting on at least 300 Ucas A-level points (the equivalent of 3 B-grade passes)...
"With more vacancies than ever before, apprenticeships are fast becoming the norm for young people who want to achieve their career goals through an alternative route"
Matthew Hancock - Skills Minister
Covering training - use of contractors?
Languages -
in others where possible
Phased approach, considerations around current contractors and impact on current FTEs
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