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PWCS Connect

No description

Jessica Gibson

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of PWCS Connect

What goals do you have for using technology in your classroom this year?

Digital Storytelling Tools
Classroom Management
Presentation Goals
Jessica Gibson
PWCS Connect 2013
What can I do in the first 2 weeks?
Communication & Collaboration Tools
*Go to www.todaysmeet.com/iLearn
to join today's conversation!

Jessica Gibson
Porter Traditional School

6th Grade Language Arts
Tech Shoot-Out!
On TodaysMeet.com/iLearn...
What other technologies/apps/web 2.0 tools have you used that others should know about?
*Use the time that remains to explore and play with any of the new tools you've learned about today!
This presentation will...
briefly discuss PWCS device policies
provide ideas for individual classroom
management with technology
explore popular Web 2.0 tools for the LA
provide tech-centered ideas for the first
2 weeks of school
allow time for exploration of new tech tools!
iLearn with Technology
in the LA Classroom

History Integration
What tools are available to you?
Laptop carts?

Your school's Acceptable Use policy
Classroom Technology Policies:
Technology Centers:
What are the rest of the kids doing?
Keep it consistent!
Teacher Tools:
Things to Consider...
PWCS Acceptable Use Policy...
iLearn with Technology in the LA Classroom
In a fast paced world, students continually need to be engaged - technology does this! Today you will learn tips and techniques on how to organize, manage, and effectively use the wealth of technology available to us in our classrooms.
Use QR Codes to form a scavenger hunt
around the classroom
Become familiar with the technology and ITRT at your school!
Check out educational blogs and
PWCS School Fusion sites
Use web 2.o tools to learn more about your
students AND parents!
Find handout at:

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