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leonardo fibonacci!

No description

Renee Schley

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of leonardo fibonacci!

Birth & death date:
Leonardo Fibonacci was born in Pisa,Italy in 1170. His full/real name is "Leonardo Pisano Bigollo".
Leonardo Fibonacci's death date is not really known but it's estimated to be between 1240 and 1250.
He lived for 70 to 80 years.No one really knows how he died.
Leonardo Fibonacci was born in italy but educated in northern africaHe was sent to study calculation with an arab master.He was a writer. He was also an italian mathematician.
His family:
There are no records of his family. So it is unknown if he ad any sibngs.It is also unknown if he had a wife or any children
historic events and
interesting events:
july.15 /1240 :a novgordian army led by alexander neusky defeats the swedes in the battle of the neua.
Dec.6/1240:mongols under ratu khan occupy and destroy kiev.
his contributions to
1)His books were a contribution to mathematics such as liber acci."How to calculate profit transactions".
2)He presents an over view of basic arithmetic and algebra.
3)Variety methods for finding pythagorean triples.
;) His life :
1)He was born in Italy.
2)He was an italian Mathematician.
5)He was considered to be "the most talented western mathematician of the middle ages".
leonardo fibonacci
Education and Occupations:
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