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WEb2.0 Tools for education

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kate guymon

on 26 June 2013

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Transcript of WEb2.0 Tools for education

Web 2.o
Web2.0 Classroom Tools
By Kate Guymon
Etec 424

Why do you need Web2.0 in your Classroom??
Project -Based
Community supported
Relevant to 21st century learners
Need some tools to amp up your Web2.0 classroom?

A chronological, collaborative website where authors can write and publish as often as they like and readers can comment.
A blog can be a journal
A blog can be a newsletter
A blog can be almost anything
Create a Classroom Blog

Use a Wiki
Make an interactive poster on Glogster
Upload a video onto SchoolTube
Make Social Media a Learning Platform with Edmodo
What's a Blog??
A Blog is...
How can you use Blogging in your classroom?

What is a Wiki??
According to Dictionary.com, a wiki is “A Web site developed collaboratively by a community of users, allowing any user to add and edit content”.

a wiki is a powerful tool to use in the collaborative classroom.

While a blog allows space for posts and comments, a wiki allows any user to edit and change any other user’s posts.

Wikis offer limitless opportunities to revise edit and create.
Create a blog to communicate classroom news to families
Use blogging for online, written class discussion
Blog for writer's workshops
Blog to showcase art
Blog to create student learning portfolios

How can you use Wikis in the Classroom?

Collaborative story telling
class created study guides
peer editing
vocabulary lists
note sharing
is a safe, free, teacher
moderated video sharing website for K-12 students..
How can you use Schooltube in your Classroom?
Student conducted interviews
Promote school activities
broadcast school news
use in Flipped classrooms
Post Math problem how-to's
re-inact a court case
publish oral reports
The possibilities are ENDLESS!
 Is an online networking site for teachers and students. Think Facebook, with safety controls for school.
Used for in-class communication, it also provides several ways for teachers to connect with other teachers.
 Used by over 500,000 students worldwide.
 edmodo is free!
How can You use edmodo in your classroom?
Embed content from:
What's a Glog?!?
communicate in real time
poster making for the 21st century

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