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No description

Kevin Andersen

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of Mars

How is Mars similar to Earth?
Why is Mars Red?

Why is mars red
-air in atmosphere
-sunk underground
-started chemical reaction
-causing red color

Breaking News!!!
Where is Mars?
Where is mars
- fourth planet from sun
-next to earth
-and Jupiter
-50,000,000 miles from earth
What features does mars have?
Polar ice caps
-big during winter
-melt during summer
-17 miles high
-200 foot deep
800 meters in diameter
-ancient craters and large pits cover mars
-Northern side of Mars
-younger than southern side
-rust rocks make up Mars crust
How did Mars get Its name?

Mars name
-named after Mars
-God of war
-people thought of blood when
-look at Mars when close

Mars is the roman god of war

What is Mars Symbol
What is Mars Made of?
96% Carbon Dioxide
2% Argon
2% Nitrogen
1% other

NASA is planning to do science operations
-Curiosity rover using software
-co-developed with Microsoft
-new wearable technology the Hololens
How old is Mars
approximately 4.5 Million years old
How Large is Mars
About 4220 miles of surface area
What is Mars animal symbol
-not even parents
-liked Mars
Vulture or Dog

What Happened to the cat that went to Mars
Q. What happened to the cat that went to Mars?
What Happened to the cat that went to Mars
R.I.P. Mr. Waffles
M. He Discovered aliens
A. Curiosity killed the cat
R. He died because he couldn't breath
S. none of the above
M. He Discovered aliens!
Curiosity Rover
-2 1/2 billion dollars building
building and planing
-lowered by rockets
-rockets flew away
-right away
-lading called "7 min. of terror"
- landed softer and slower then planed
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