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QTA 2015 - Supporting Processes

No description

Medical Development Team

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of QTA 2015 - Supporting Processes

QTA 2015 - Supporting Processes
Site Selection Methodology
Current Challenges
Current Processes
2014 Methodology
Programme Variation
Meeting purpose: Discussion/decisions on supporting processes and forms to be updated for QTA 2015

Site Selection Processes
Current process
Potential improvements
Site Selection Methodology
Programme variation
QTA Data Management
QTA Supporting Docs
When should we receive IA scores? When to send sites?

IA score submission
Planning Sheet
Deadline adherence
Advanced requests
Format of Information
Internal Audit Template
Limitations of template...
Dates wrong
Missing sites
Travel restrictions
Responsible parties for site selections
Involvement in logistics
Potential Improvements
Adjust deadlines?
Enforce updating of planning sheet (how?)
Start using QTA logistics section of Planning sheet (who?)
Create MDT-only tracking sheet for QTA
Add deadlines to internal audit template
Update ToR
Format of Information
Updates to Internal Audit template
Instructions sheet/pathways chart
Summary section (QTA dates, deadlines, total # of sites, space for comments, completed/approved by?)
Centres/OR/SF sheets
Reword fields
Anticipated caseload?
Decisions on MA involvement?
Would updates to IA template (instructions sheet, flowchart) be enough to improve this
Other ideas?
Bangladesh: 126 centres; 200+ OR
Pakistan: 81 centres; 71 OR
Cambodia: 8 centres; 2 OR
Nigeria: 1 centre; 3OR
MS Lady, Pehli Kiran, etc?
Considerations for revision?
QTA Data Management
Deadlines - adjust? enforce?
Database for scores
"Dashboard"/automated charts
QTA Supporting Docs Needing Updating
ToR, Checklist, Summary Report Template across channels and languages
Summary report template for SF?
French ToR?
ToR for verification visits?
Docs in Spanish?
Recap/Summary of Mtg. Goals:
Review current procedures and challenges
Brainstorm/feedback on potential improvements
Revisions to methodology?
Use of Planning Sheet
Use of independent QTA tracking sheet
Approve plan to update IA template
Approve plan to update QTA scores database (charts)
Supporting docs needing updates
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