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Symbols of the Philippines

No description

Mr. Slenderman

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Symbols of the Philippines

Please watch video. of the Symbols The Phillipine Flag Soundtrack of anthem- please play The sport of Arnis Arnis, the national sport of the Philippines, consists of
martial art-like movements, with the use of weapons, most being bladed. Hand-to-hand combat can also be used.
One of the most essential practices in Arnis is duels to test one another's abilities. Nowadays improvisations are used as weapons as to not hurt any contestants. Back in times like World war 1, weapons were made as lethal as possible. Philippines One of the most important symbol that relates to the
Philippines is its tricoloured flag. It consists of a blue and red stripe, with a white triangle at its hoist. In the middle of the triangle is a golden sun, representing the first Spaniard province who conquered the Philippines, and the three stars on the triangles vertices represent the three main nations: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.
The flag symbolises peace on the blue on top. It is also important to note that, when flipped with the red side up, it represents war. Lupang Hinirang Lupang Hinirang, as you guessed it, is
the Philippines national anthem. This version is the latest one, reaffirmed in 1998. It was made to proclaim president Emilio Aguinado during the 19th century. The lyrics were made much later, late in the 1950s. The meaning of 'Lupang Hinirang' is 'chosen land'. A pair of rattan sticks- used for Arnis. The Philippine's Fillipino Although 2/3 of the Philippines take other languages like English as their first language, its official language is Filipino, the name depicted from, obviously, the Philippines.
Its alphabet consists of 20 letters: 5 vowels, 15 consonants. The part of the Philippines that speak Filipino as their first language. A Philippine Motto -"For God, People, Nature and Country"- This motto convey both determination and hope, and is the rule that the Filipino obey to in their lives. The Philippines have a strong sense towards nature and God, and so add to this true motto. The natural wonders of the Philippines.
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