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AMA - Social Presentation

Social media can’t exist on it’s own. A comprehensive approach is the only way to become relevant in the social space. It’s about transforming your brand to truly be remarkable. The more your brand is remarkable, the more your brand will experience succes

Rob Gaedtke

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of AMA - Social Presentation

New Medium = New Message keyword rich
relate to product
drive engagement between customer and you
between customers and each other about you Multi channel interaction based on user preference
ask questions
Whine Twitter
Vulcan Mind Meld
People of Walmart Powder day for an Alpine fan Marketing and Measuring a
Social Brand Strategy A Social Brand Total Marketing Package Social Media @ a High Level Social Object Theory How do I make Social Media bear fruit? Object = Content Strategy Personas Content Integration Search, Metrics & Analytics ROI In Action... Rob Gaedtke
Mike Henderson A Powder day @ Alpine Meadows Online Conversion Funnel Content = Search Friday morning... arrive at work... what do you see? Snow report, twitter, youtube, email blog post, fax Did you connect? * Flickr Images (which leads to)
* Blog post (containing)
* Video (which you watch) If so, what did it do? Leave a comment?
Share with friends?
Fall into the purchase process?
Purchase a ticket? It adds up quick 25% click through on email (30,000 list)...
10% click through on twitter (1,500 followers)...
20% facebook interaction (1,500 fans)... Engage and push into the purchase process. Authenticity + transparency Social media can't exist on its own. An ecosystem approach is the only way to become relevant in the social space. It's about transforming your brand to truly be remarkable.
The more your brand is remarkable, the more your brand will experience success and not just in the social space but across
all channels. Rooted in marketing objectives
Rooted in multivariate brand persona
Data driven campaign performance
Congruent with all other areas of marketing 35% increase in overall traffic
Over 268,315 direct interactions through social media
Online sales up 181%
Online lodging sales up 289%
4,793 Alpine Club Members
10.3% growth in email subscribers
31% growth in text subscribers
Social brands drive results The belief that all social interactions center around an object. Relevant and meaningful dialogue can only occur around an object that both parties are engaged in. Yor brand becomes the social object One size fits all won't work
Social objects vary by persona Linked to a goal
purchasing Content drives engagement Where they are searching Funnels to conversion Internet searchers who use social media are more engaged with brands overall and are more likely to be looking for places to buy and brands to consider. 50% of social-media exposed searchers search daily for product terms, compared with 33% of non-exposed searchers. 80% web visits start from search In August 2009, 17 percent of all time spent on the Internet was at social networking sites. If the goal is to sell tickets and passes,
then content is the social object that
drives search, awareness and interaction
around that goal. Tracking Social Buzz Branches of searchable content lead back to your brand Social keywords are trackable and quantifiable
Analytics are more real than traditional ad equivalencies
Users who view non-transactional websites prior to transactional websites have 5% to 10% higher conversions rates Targeted | Focused | Active | Interested The Social Media Audience is: Web 1.0 Web 3.0 120 Million on MySpace
iPhone redefines mobile
iTunes = $1Billion in 1 year
13 Million podcasts
100 Million iPhone apps purchased
Google acquires YouTube for $1.65 Billion
Facebook is 4th largest country
Blogs = 57% of web traffic MySpace had 9 million users
No iPod video
No YouTube
Digg was just founded
Flickr Launched
del.icio.us launched
Facebook founded
Blogs less than 7% web traffic MySpace, Facebook and Youtube get 250 Million unique visits every month and they didn't exist 6 years ago. It's moving FAST... All audiences are social The way online activities have evolved has made that socialization more powerful 2004 2009 A brand is not a Logo... A brand is not an identity... A brand is not a product... A brand is a person's gut feeling about a product, service or organization Brands are defined by individuals Family Adventure Events Content is never a dead end Understanding your target Who are you targeting...
and more importantly, what are those targets doing online? Core to business objectives It wasn't all like this Think
Remember This works because shopping has always been highly social By integrating your content with marketing goals you can benefit from that socializaion. Thank you! Listen twice as much as you talk You have two ears one mouth Good Even BETTER
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