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A history assignment about traveling along the Indian Ocean Trade

Gwyneth Kardelis

on 9 January 2015

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Transcript of Timeline

Soon to be King Henry VII of England and called men and women from all over the Kingdom to travel on some of the trade routes to bring back riches and information on cultures of the cities that were visited. The King gave all a week to prepare and next of the 23
16 Apr 1485
23 Apr 1485
Our company has now gather many good to trade. Have decided when we hire a ship to take us on the Indian Ocean Trade we would also hire a doctor. We are now ready to leave London to head to Rome to ne blessed by the Pope.

7 May 1485
After catching a ride with one of traders who travels between France and England on the English Channel, we traveled in land after purchasing some horse and wagon we arrived in Paris
21 May 1485
After resting and replenishing the food and water we carried we took are horse and rode South-East to Rome to have our journey blessed. We hoped to blessed as soon as possible by the Pope, we wanted it to be as soon as we arrived; however, one of the other groups bet us and we were to be blessed in the morning of the next day.
22 May 1485
We were recieved by the Pope and next morning. We explained in detail our plans for our journey for him to see our journey as a will of God and to have his blessing
28 May 1485
After gaining the blessing of Pope and recieve gifts to help us our journey we traveled to the coast to get a ride across the Mediterranean Sea to Alexandria. While looking for a ship to take us we sold the horse to another merchant.
18 June 1485
After three weeks out at sea we finally arrived on the shores of the city of Alexandria. We decide because it would be a short trip to a port on the Red Sea we would try our luck with joing with a group of merchants heading that direction.
25 June 1485
28 June 1485
After the week long journey to the port on the top of the Red Sea and a good nights rest we gain our ship hunting. We decided on a Muscat style of ship, which is the most commonly used ship on the ocean, after talking to the locals and other traders in the area. We also hired a decent crew, as far as we know, to sail our ship and doctor who was deamed a good one.
9 July 1485
After much debate between the Indian Ocean Trade Emissaries of which direction to go. Go down by Saudi Arabia or the North-Eastern Edge of Africa. In the end the Duchess's decision was the final ruling to head to Adulis, Aftrica.
9 August 1485
After talking and trading with the people in Aden we traveled for a week to a port on the edge of Saudi Arabia on the Indian Ocean. To repentish our food for our trip across the ocean to India. To recieve more treasures for the King.
16 July 1485
While in Adulis, Africa we decided it was time to start trading. While in this city we met with an handful of people.
26 June 1485
After trading with the Africans in Adulis we traveled down to the city of Aden in Saudi Arabia. With the good we recieved from Africa part was put aside for the King and the rest to be traded in the other cities we visit, such as Aden.
While in Aden we decided to gather more information and riches for the King. In Aden we were bombarded by the culture of the people of Saudi Arabia is far different to what we have back in England.
2 August 1485
After purchasing supplies that would last us six weeks, we were ready to travel.
20 September 1485
Finally reaching Quilon we had to purchase a new sail for if the seam split. We Also met many people and learned of their culture and traded many goods.
27 September 1485
11 December 1485
We reached a port on the coast of the country Srivijaya, after a month of traveling. We stopped for a day and replenished our water and food and began to move around the country to reach the other side. That trip took another month and a half.
Indian Ocean Trade Presentation and Timeline







Start of the Journey
Leaving England
Moving Toward the Pope
The Pope's Blessing
Leaving Europe
Beginning of the King's Quest
We have reached the Red Sea after a week of travel with a carivan. We decided to have a of rest before hirering a crew and doctor for our journey.
Ship Shopping
Direction Debate
Adulis, Africa
Our Trade Goods
Their Trade Goods
Adulis, Africa
Types of People
Moving Forward
Their Trade Goods
Aden, Saudi Arabia
Social Classes
Our Trade Goods
Aden, Saudi Arabia
Preparations of a Long Voyage
Pirate Attack
While sailing across the ocean to the Indian city of Quilon we were attacked by a pirate ship. We were able to over throw the pirates, but not without a cost. We lost three members of the crew. The pirates also damaged our sail. Instead of having a four to five week trip it turned into a six week trip because the Duchess had to mend the sail.
Long Voyage Across the Ocean
Quilon, India
Their Trade Goods
Our Trade Goods
Quilon, India
Social Classes
More Ports
Our Group
Rune Smith
Servant Onuphrius Beaumarchais
Allison Prince
Duchess Isolde of York
Ceaira Howard
Knight Peter Robin
Gwyneth Kardelis
Knight Quinn Robin

Our Route
25 December 1485
Arriving in China
After stopping at two ports of the land of Srivijaya we traveled to Guangzhou, China. We decided that this was another good place to do some trading to bring home more riches for the King.
Their Trade Goods
Our Trade Goods
Guangzhou, China
Social Classes
1 January 1486
Guangzhou, China
Finally landing on a port which we could and rest our sea legs we began to converse and trade our goods for theirs.
15 March 1486
Philippine Islands
After leaving China and stopping a port we were forced to sail to the Philippine Islands to prevent being attacked by pirates again.
15 August 1486
India Again
Five months until we reach India and thankfully without a hitch. No awful storms and no savage pirates to hinder our passage back to England
29 November 1486
Two Months Left
Three and a half months, a storm and falling off course we are finally able to Alexandria and we will reach our home of England in two more months with no more accidents
27 January 1487
Home At Last
After two years, seven months, one week and two days we finally have returned to England to give the goods to the King. We missed his coronation; however, we were in good fortune because the riches could be used as wedding gifts for the upcoming royal wedding
Our Riches
Iron goods
Leopard Skins
What We Got with What
Ivory - Gold
Iron goods - Gold
Tortoiseshells - Gold
Quartz - Gold
Leopard Skins - Gold
Iron goods
Leopard Skins
What We Got with What
Frankincense - Gold
Myrrh - Ivory
Perfumes - Quartz
Precious Stones
Cotton Textiles
Iron goods
Leopard Skins
What We Got with What
Grain - Gold
Precious Stones - Quartz
Cotton Textiles - Leopard Skin
Spices - Gold
Iron goods
Leopard Skins
Precious Stones
Cotton Textiles
What We Got with What
Silks - Cotton Textiles and Leopard Skins
Porcelain - Ivory
Tea - Spices
Iron goods
Leopard Skins
Precious Stones
Cotton Textiles
Merchants are found here
Natives are the Africans, people of dark colored skin
Natives speak the language of Ge’ez, a Semitic language.

The religion that was dominate in this area was Christianity; however toward the turn of the century they were becoming an Islamic State
Classical Arabic (fusha)
Conversationally, people use colloquial Arabic (amiya).
The distinctive clothing worn by both men and women conforms with Muslim dress codes that prescribe modesty for both sexes but especially women

The religion in the region is Islam. The people in Arabia are Muslims
Muhammad was ruler until he died, then there were successors to the prophet known as the caliphs.
Also known as Kollam
Writing - Sanskrit and Pallava
Buddhism is the religion that dominated the region

The idea of karma conveyed legitimacy to the rich and powerful based on their moral behavior in earlier lives
Leaders were god-kings
Monarchs employed Indians as advisers, clerks, or officials and assigned Sanskrit titles to their subordinates
No. I will not purchase your good for that unreasonable price. 500 gold pieces for five shells.

We shall see. (starts walking to another vendor)

Now we have a deal.
Bargaining Between Robin and a Native
Native Merchant:
What do you mean 'unreasonable price' these are the best shells in all of Adulis.

Wait! I shall sell you five-six shells for 300 gold pieces
A Servants Brawl
A Servant of a Leader in Africa:
Did you see that foul women who had just arrived on the port?
Another Servant:
Yes, I did.

For she is the foul beast.
You foul beasts! Why do call my Mistress such a name?

You shall pay for that (a fight begins and ends when the first ran off and left his friend for dead)
A Lady's Inquiry
A Lady:
Shall you joins us for supper?

Wonderful. Come with me; the girls are waiting for us.

Of course the other will love I'm sure.

I could ask the same for your skin, I was born with this color skin.
I would love to attend.

Lead the way

I do not mean to be rude, but why do you have such dark skin?
A Friendly Encounter
Hello, Sir. I was wondering where a Inn is for my companions and I to stay in.

Thank you, Sir. I shall be on my way.
Oh, there is one not too far from here. It is about a five minute walk from the port. It is located near the old well.

A Grump Inn Keeper
Sir, I was wondering if I could rent six rooms.

I need one for myself, my brother and my lady's servant. One for my lady and four for the crew. So can I have six rooms?
Inn Keeper:
For what reason should you need to take up six rooms.

Fine, but you need to pay full prize for all the rooms.
Sir, how much for your perfumes and myrrh? I have gold, ivory, and qua-

Sold. You have yourself a deal.

I will take a load of ivory for both the myrrh and perfume.

Here's your stuff. (after they both left thinking they got the better deal; in reality it was a fair trade)
Swapping Stories
Quarrel of Social Status
Good Sir, I see you carry a sword of some sort, are you a Warrior?

Yes. What perils have you come across in your journeys?

I am in the same boat as you at moment serving my lady after fighting with bandits in the country side.
Indeed I am. I suppose you are too?

I helped defend some of the coast villages from pirates for a while. Until I was hired for protecting my lord.

Aye. It was nice to met you, but I have to leave my lord is calling.
I would like to purchase a drink for my lady.

When that man is below the woman in rank.

That is what her steward is for. Even then she out ranks him.
I see and what man listens to a woman.

How can that be a man should always be in charge.

That is outrageous! I will not sell to weak minded men; women do as men tell them, and that's final.
Muslims called the city Zaitun (meaning Olive) not because there are olives there

They made artwork (portraits) of foreigners for security reasons

They had fruits which
are plums and
watermelons and they
sold frogs, pigs, and
dogs to eat
A separate part of the city for muslims.
Clothing Choices
Arabian Woman:
What are you wearing? You can't be out in public with your face showing.

Maybe from where you are from, but here a women can't show her face in public.

Yes. Come with me.
What do you mean? What I am wearing is perfectly fine.

Oh. Do you have veil that I can have?

I would like to try my luck in a game of luck.

One gold coin.

Okay. How much will you put down.

Only one?


Everyone flees and Onuphrius picked up the money left by the dealer and then flees
A Man:
Run. The soldiers are coming.
No thank you. I already have a faith and a God I believe in.

I shall leave before I act upon my ill will toward you and your religion which you are forcing on me.
Come and learn the ways of enlightenment.

Learn the way of the Buddha
Sir, I believe it's time for you to head to your lodging.
A Drunk

No thank you, Sir, I quite like singing here. "Singing"
Onuphrius, I told you not to drink, your such a light weight.
A Drunken Hassle
Onuphrius, lets get you to the Inn.

Onuphrius you are banned from drinking. If I see you drinking you will the rue day you were born. Sir, I am sorry for the words spoken from my blundering drunk companion.

Here, go and buy yourself a drink and forget this happened.
"Singing" and then insults the man across the street.
Offended Man:

That changes nothing.

Man walks away whistling and Quinn glares at Onuphrius.
A Lady's Squabble
(A lady falls) Are you hurt?

I saw you fall.

Did you hit your head?

As you wish. Good Day.
No. Why would I be.

No I did not.

Listen, it was embarrassing and do not need peoples attention on it. Leave it be.

Making Friends
I would like a case of ale.

Aye, my brother got stuck with a drunk and needs a drink, I had a bad encounter with a Buddhist missionary and the lady needs a drink to relieve her stress.

Okay I will be right back with one.

Here's your ale.
A whole case.

For some reason this town becomes stressful for some who visit.
I am waiting for my men to return to help me bring my luggage to my room in the Inn over there.

I wouldn't want to impose.

Thank you, Sir.
A Noble:
What is a beautiful lady doing alone?

Why wait for them when I can help you now.

I offered.

I hope to see you again
A Different Drunk
Help! This man is trying to kill me!

Why do you hate me so.

Help! "Screaming"
I can't save you from everyone you offend. It's out my hands.

I will pay to see that happen.

Think of this making us even for what happened in Indian.
Offended Drunk:
I will destroy you.

Get back here.

"Talking to a Merchant"

Get back here, boy, and give me my money.

You little brat. "Runs after him"

"Loses the boy and his money after chasing him into a back alley."

"Sneaks up and steals his money bag"

I rather not. "Runs away"

"Runs into an alley to hide"

I am hiding for my life so no.

Hide with us, but if we get caught I blame you.

The three of them hide from Peter, a master and a drunk
Hiding with Strangers
Leave this is my hiding spot.

Fine but if we get caught it's your fault.

Why does the spot I am going to hide in always have people in it.
"Leaves his hiding spot"
Sir, do you know which way to the Inn by the port?

"goes to the place the man send and it isn't the Inn and goes to sleep on the street"

Wait for me.
Yeah go left and then a right at the bar and walk straight and it should be in front of you.

Why do I always find you passed out on the street?
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