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Types of Reports and Data Needed

Group One Presentation

Emily Monaghan

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Types of Reports and Data Needed

By: Group One Types of Reports
and Data Needed Janelle Menard
Maggie Murphy
Emily Monaghan
Bill Hays
Sakeena Shearer Today, we'll discuss... -Different types of reports
-How they are created and used in business culture
-Advice from several professionals in business posistions Feature persuasive requests
for decisions or actions... Proposals -Demonstrate your knowledge
-Provide concrete information and examples
-Research the competition
-Prove that your proposal is workable
-Adopt your proposal attractively How to Write a Proposal -Internal Proposals
-External Proposals -Background of statement of the problem or opportunity
-Organization Proposal Introduction -Proposed solution
-Work plan
-Statement of qualifications
-Cost Proposal Body Make sure you proofread! Proposal Close Progress Reports Provide managers or customers with information on project status. -Appropriate heading
-Purpose statement
-Work completed
-Work schedule How to Write a Progress Report -Authorization
-Sourced and methods
-Report organization Report Introduction -Accurate
-Clear and logical
-Documented properly
-Revise, Revise, Revise! -Explanation of a problem or an opportunity
-Facts, statistical evidence, trends
-Results of studies or investigations
-Discussion and analysis of potential courses of action
-Advantages, disadvantages, costs and benefits
-Procedures or steps in a process
-Methods and approaches
-Criteria for evaluating alternatives and options
-Conclusions and recommendations (in direct reports)
-Supporting reasons for conclusions or recommendations Report Body (Topics Commonly Covered) Make sure you proofread! Report Close -offer both information and analysis and can also include recommendations
-almost always written in a response to a perceived problem
-to be effective must include a clear statement of purpose Analytical Reports 1.Introduction
2. Findings
4.Recommendations Major Components of Analytical Reports Three Typical Business Analytical Reports -Purpose
-Content Justification/Recommendation Reports 1. Indirect Approach:
- Problems

2. Direct Approach:
-Facts Organizing Report Data Example 1: A packaged
cotton candy company
writing a report on the
need for larger sugar
shipments. Justification/Recommendation Report Examples -Purpose
-Content Feasibility Report Feasibility Study Example Researching the
success or failure of a
new restaurant
based on the study of
the local market, and
other components that
could effect the clientele. -“The term ‘yardstick’ is used in reference to anything which serves as a test or standard of measurement, comparison, or judgment.” Yardstick Report Problem Statement
Alternative Solutions
Establish Criteria’s
Recommendations Introduction
Problem Statement
Solutions & Alternatives
Established Criteria’s
Comparative Alternatives
Conclusion & Recommendations Yardstick Report Format Comparison of different manufacturers for buying a piece of equipment. Yardstick Report Example Provides data, facts and details.
Never contains personal information.
Does not include an analysis, opinion, or recommendations.
Is usually written but can also be spoken. What is an Informational Report? Selling Cars
Workplace safety
Introducing yourself Examples of Informational Report Topics... External Speeches Types of Informational Speeches Persuasive speeches that are directed towards clients. Internal Speeches Speeches directed towards employees and shareholders. Usually focus on topics such as revenue, profits, and performance. Details future plans, strategies, and goals. Four Different Forms of Informational Reports Usually the simplest reports.
These objects may include the speaker (or another person). Introducing yourself is an informative speech.
Other objects include places or even “things”. Object Report Delivered using a chronological order.
These reports usually relay the steps to completing a task.
L.A.S.T (Listen, Apologize, Solve, and Thank) Process Reports People and places at different times.
They detail the event itself.
This event can be in the past,
present, or future. Event Report Explains theories.
Explain a philosophy .
May include political concepts.
May include economical concepts. Concept Report Analytical Reports vs. Informational Reports Interviews with Professionals Nick is a 28 year old employee of Microsoft.
He works in IT Product Management. He delivers integrated IT tools and solutions by leveraging deep understanding of the IT business process. He is responsible for the on board of new users and, supporting existing solutions. Nick Anthony is 29 years old and he is a Director of Technology, working with Fortune 500 clients on a daily basis. He controls the design and develop department strategies along with the creation of 3 departments within the IT group for strategic purposes. Anthony Tom is 39 years old and works for
SunAmerica. He is the Vice President
and Internal Sales Manager. His job
function entails managing an Internal Sales
Desk that distributes financial products
to financial advisers. Tom Marc is 49 years old and is a service
account engineer. He works for
Siemens Industry Inc. , Infrastructure & Cities Sector. He is in the Building & Technologies
Division. He is responsible for Service
and account management of assigned customers at Harvard University,
Cambridge, Ma. Marc Frequency Benefits Advice Conclusion Example 2: A busy, fast-paced
manufacturing company that is
falling behind in the quota of their
work writing a report on the need
for new hires. http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/daryl21-1340711-informative-report-writing/ Found on page 379 in book. Found on pg. 426 in book. Found on pg. 447 in the book.
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