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The Underlying Purpose of Residential Schools

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Julia Chai

on 14 August 2015

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Transcript of The Underlying Purpose of Residential Schools

The Underlying Purpose of Residential Schools
In the perspective of the Canadian government at the time
Necessities of Liberalism
The Creation of a Miracle
Being a responsible government, and for the benefits of all our citizens, we have generously and graciously funded and provided a new education system for the children of the Indians. In order to reshape the previously doomed future of the Indians, we have implemented residential schools so that we can educate and assimilate the Indians, creating a greater liberal society as a whole.
Canada's Foundations of Liberalism
As an independent nation, Canada thrives on liberalism, and it is crucial that all groups within Canada fully comply with our political and economic systems fundamentally based on the principles of liberalism. Also, in terms of our government system, each citizen of Canada, including the Indians, must be committed to the contribution towards our democratic society, and follow the laws and orders of the government when necessary. Private property, as well as property owned by our governments, is extremely crucial to the fundamentals of the Canadian mixed and mostly liberal economic system. Ownership of private property is crucial to the economic growth and prosperity of individuals within a nation, which in turn, will stimulate the entire economy. The role of the government to regulate and handles this property is critically needed to maintain the economic growth of Canada. However, the beliefs and values of the Indians' collective ideologies severely interfere with the entirety of Canada. Their beliefs of the supposed "sanctity" and "collective ownership" of the land of the "Creator" prevent the whole of Canada from being able to peacefully handle and use the natural resources and the land to our own usage. This severely interferes with Canada's whole economic growth and prosperity, and breaks the democratic unity of the nation.
The Reason Behind Our Schools
Discipline is crucial to the implementation of liberalism for those uncivilized and non-European. Without physical discipline, such as spanking, or periods of isolation for misbehaving children, as one of the methods of education, one of Indian descent may never embrace, learn, and apply our political and economic systems and ideals of liberalism and individualism. We must reform all the groups of Canada, especially the Indians, to have the same liberal ideologies and values.
For the Sake of the Whole
The implementation of liberalism on the Indian children with our highly effective system of residential schools is greatly necessary to ensure economic and political unity and growth of Canada as a whole. Without the actions of the strong government of Canada, peace with the Indians would never be achieved, and economic growth would never be achieved due to great conflict between ideologies. Economic and political peace with economic prosperity and great democratic participation within the nation can only be granted with the assimilation and implementation of liberalism to all people of the nation, especially the Indians. Also, with Indians being somewhat savage and uncivilized, as the government and responsibility of the country of Canada, we must attempt to save the Indians by teaching their children the fundamentals of a European and liberal lifestyle.

As a representative government responsible for its citizens, it is the duty of the Canadian government to ensure that the nation remains entirely liberal and largely democratic. This political system and majority freedom will ensure the economic and political prosperity of the entire nation. However, in order to do this, we must guarantee the complete agreement and compliance of the entirety of the nation of Canada on our principles of liberalism and freedom as our political and economic system. Being a European nation, and as a superior race, it is our duty as the government of Canada to minimize any negative influence of any minorities or groups that deter our understanding and strong position on liberalism. It is also our duty to help those with different ideologies than our liberal ideology to assimilate into our politically free society, and provide them with the benefits of a future European lifestyle. The influence and existence of the Indian groups and tribes is a primary concern to the government. Our conflicting ideologies prevent the Indians from being able to live a free and liberal lifestyle, like our European one.
In response to Mary Caesar's recollections of her experiences at our wonderfully funded efforts of the residential schools, we urge the public to keep in mind the mentalities of the Indian children. Obviously, with the Indian students not being exposed to liberalism, and being brought up in unorganized, non-European households, there will be obvious struggles with the adjustments to a European lifestyle. These children are highly uncivilized, and with these uncivilized minds, they will not be able to fully comprehend our teachings of liberalism and freedom in the beginning. Mary Caesar, as a child, misinterpreted our teachers' and nuns' great attempts to benefit these poor, unprivileged children by teaching them the skills for a future life with European values and full support for our proud Canadian political and economic system. Discipline, as Caesar outlined
in her recollections, is necessary so that we can successfully indoctrinate and teach crucial values of life to
the Indian children. As uncivilized children, Indians like Mary Caesar have simply misunderstood our
government's attempts to help integrate them into Canadian society and provide them with a
better European lifestyle. In regards to their supposed poor living conditions, being raised in
non-European, Indian households, everything that these Indian children view foreign is
perceived to be "poor" to them, as they have not experienced the benefits of a
European lifestyle in the past.
Thus, the imposition of liberalism is necessary to the economic and political stability and security of the nation of our country, Canada.
Rather than causing more conflict about the self-determination of Indians, the collective nature and ideologies of Indians, and unnecessary land claim disagreements, as it has in the past, the only method remaining of ensuring stability is to impose liberalism throughout all citizens of a nation, to receive the same knowledge and understanding of a lifestyle as the majority of Canada. Instead of creating more arguments between the Canadian government and the Indians due to self-determination and differing ideologies as it has in the past, it is much simpler to educate the youth of the Indians of the superior European values and lifestyles so that all of Canada
would benefit.
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