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Soldier's Heart by Gary Paulsen

Presentation by Joshua Lin

Joshua Lin

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Soldier's Heart by Gary Paulsen

Presentation by: Joshua Lin Soldier's Heart by Gary Paulsen Charley Goddard Characters Charley Goddard is a teenager born and raised in Winona, Minnesota.
He volunteers to join the army to fight for the Union in the Civil War
Charley joins the Army in Fort Snelling, there he learns how to be a soldier
The army took a train to another army camp located near Bull Run, Virginia
Charley fought his first battle (Battle of Bull Run) and is shocked at the scene of war. People around him are shot and dies. The Union lost badly in this battle
Charley spends a lot of time in army camps and the next battle he fought was unnamed
Charley starts to get used to army life and fights his 3rd battle near Richmond, Virginia.
Charley ends his army career with the Battle of Gettysburg
After the Civil War, Charley breaks down both mental and physically
He is sent back to Winona and dies at the age of 23 Plot Summary Charley Goddard in the Novel People in the Novel Setting Significant Event 1 Setting THE END
THANKS FOR WATCHING! * Novel begins at Winona, Minnesota, the home town of the protagonist Charley Goddard
*Fort Snelling, where Charley joins the army
*Manassas, Virgina, where Charley boards the train to go to the army camp
*Then to Bull Run, Virgina, where Charley fought his first battle
*Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, this is Charley's last battle 15 year old boy at the beginning of the story
Wants to be a man so he joins the army
Experiences horrors when he was in war
Becomes smart and experienced in war
Broken down both mentally and physically and died at the age of 23 Nelson A new recruit that Charley meets in Washington
Was a friend of Charley but also a person that Charley does not want to be like
Was shot in the stomach in a battle and died Ma Charley's mother and was always against him going to war

Charley Goddard is a real person who fought in the American Civil War. There is letters that he wrote to his mother during the Civil War. Although the letters was never sent to his mother because he had no stamp, he explains in the letter about army life and the situation that he is in.

Also, in the Author's Note of the novel (Soldier's Heart). Paulsen clearly stated that Charley Goddard is a real man. He informs,
* "Charley Goddard really existed. He enlisted in the First Minnesota Volunteers when he was fifteen, lying about his age, and fought through virtually the entire war (Paulsen, 103).
*"though they patched him up as best they could and he managed to fight in later actions, his wounds did not heal properly, nor did his mental anguish... he died in December 1868. He was just twenty-three years old (Paulsen, 104). Battle of Bull Run in Reality The Battle of Bull Run is a real battle between the Union and the Confederate. The battle resulted with a Confederate victory just as it is stated in the novel. The Battle was fought on July 21, 1861 in Fairfax and Prince William County. Charley Goddard is a teenager from Winona, Minnesota. It is stated in the novel, "He was fifteen and while he worked as a man worked" (Paulsen, 2). It is also stated at the end of the novel, "He was tired and broken, walking with a cane and passing blood"(Paulsen, 98). Charley Goddard in Reality Charley's Letter to his mother Battle of Gettysburg in Reality Significant Event 2 This Battle is indeed the largest battle in the American Civil War. The result was a Union victory. The war was fought on July 1st, 1861 and lasted 3 days in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. This is why it is known as the Battle of Gettysburg afterward. Battle of Gettysburg Battle of Bull Run Battle of Bull Run in the Novel It is stated in the novel that the Union lost badly, this is equivalent with reality. Battle of Gettysburg in the Novel It is stated in the novel that the Battle of Gettysburg is the
last battle Charley participated in that was a Union Victory Fort Snelling in the novel An army camp near Winona, Minnesota. Charley joins the army there. Fort Snelling in reality A national cemetery located in Minnesota, it was a military camp from the Civil War era through to the WWII era. This proves that the Fort Snelling in the novel is a location in reality. Image of Fort Snelling, Minnesota Gettysburg in the novel It is stated in the novel, "Now he was at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania"(Paulsen, 90). Gettysburg in reality Gettysburg is geographically located in Pennsylvania. So this proves that Gettysburg in the novel is a location in reality. Drawing of Fort Snelling, Minnesota in 1861 Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Photo of Charley Goddard Winona, Minnesota's Civil War Veterans Memorial Park Fort Snelling Army Camp Battle of Bull Run Battle of Gettysburg Synthesis * The characters in novel Soldier’s Heart is convincing of their time, which is during the Civil War. The main character Charley Goddard is actually a real person that fought in the American Civil War.
*Modern readers can definitely understand the appearance of Charley. He fought in the Civil War, life was harsh in the army camp and most of the other soldiers were like him. They want to leave and think about the purpose of fighting in the war.
*This historical fiction novel uses a lot of lively languages. It explains what happens in the war so specifically that readers think they are in the war. It also uses a lot of great adjectives to describe the army camp environment. Therefore, lively languages are used in the novel. Synthesis cont. *Gary Paulsen is a great storyteller. With no accident, he tells the Soldier’s Heart very well too. He tells the story so well that the readers feel sympathy for Charley.
*In the novel, historical information is not just realistic but also well integrated. Paulsen tells the story of the Civil War in real chronological order, making the story sound more realistic.
*As the book states, the protagonist of the novel Charley Goddard is really born in Winona, Minnesota. The book is really historical accurate which makes the story more interesting to read.
*The novel illustrated a soldier’s life in the Civil War and reading this book is also a really good way to learn more about the American Civil War. The book has a really high accuracy of the real events in the Civil War.
* I will recommend this book to everyone, it is a concise book but the details in the book is very interesting and I believe everyone will have a fun time reading it. 2nd Corps Field Hospital, Gettysburg, July, 1864
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