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Metepec, Mexico

No description

Cassie Stephens

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of Metepec, Mexico

Where is Metepec?
Metepec is located east of Mexico City. Metepec sits at the foot of the hill that gives the city it's name. Originally this area was occupied by the Aztecs. When the Spanish conquered the area, they built many churches and abolished the traditions of the Aztec people.
Metepec: A Pottery Center
The ceramic artists of Metepec are known for their clay suns, ceramic mermaids and their tree of life candle holders. The making of pottery goes back 1000 years due to the clay deposits in the soil of Metepec.
The Metepec Sun
These cheerful suns created by the artists of Metepec are often painted very brightly and decorated with flowers and other motifs. They are often hung outside the home as a symbol for luck and prosperity.
Terracotta Clay
The clay that is used in Metepec is called terracotta. It is a red clay that comes from the earth near Metepec.
Many of the suns and the objects that decorated are made from molds. This helps the artists create many pieces to sell and create a uniformed look.
Tree of Life
The Tree of Life is also a popular Metepec ceramic piece. It often shows Adam and Eve and is a clay candle holder.
Somethings to Think About
When you are creating your sun, you need to consider...
Whatever You Do, Remember...
You are UNIQUE,




If you do your best and use good craftsmanship, your artwork will reflect that.
Your Suns will Shine!
Metepec, Mexico
Home of Mexican Ceramic Artists
What emotion will my sun depict?

Will it be a sun/moon creation?

What colors will I use?

What other design elements
should I include?
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