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Five Philosophical Reasons For Sentencing Criminals

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Bridgette Anderson

on 28 August 2014

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Transcript of Five Philosophical Reasons For Sentencing Criminals

Five Philosophical Reasons For Sentencing Criminals
Retribution is the act of taking revenge on criminal perpetrator. If a offender breaks the law he or she should be punished based on perceived need of vengenace. Retribution corresponds to the principle model of sentencing of "just desert." It punishes based on the severity of the crime committed.
Incapacitation major goals to provide protection for innocent members of society from offenders who might harm them. Incapacitation is sometimes called the "lock'em up approach." It guarantees that offenders will not be a further threat to societies safety.
Deterrence overall goal is to provide crime prevention and punishing a person for a crime. Also informing and convincing potential criminals who might engaged into a unlawful behavior that criminal activity is not worth while committing.
Rehabilitation ultimate goal is to reform offenders behavior. and reduce the number of criminal offenses with using fundamental tools and methods. Rehabilitation is the most humane punishment and often is considered "rehab." that includes both therapy and lifestyle choices.
Restoration is a main goal of criminal sentencing that attempts and allows the community or victims of crimes to feel as if they are safe and have a better quality of life.
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