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Incarnation Catholic

on 23 May 2016

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Transcript of Security

Bad Password Examples
Do not use birthdays, such as this:
"joe1896" or "billy420"

Do not use names of people you know such as "Fido" "Kobe" or "WhitneyW"

Tips for protecting your information
Examine Privacy Policies
Turn on cookie notices on your browser
Use encryptions
Securing Passwords
Make your password hard to guess by putting numbers, marks, and capital letters in it.
Avoid using things that names, addresses, and things about you.
Do not write your password down and put it in a public place
Be careful about what you download, because it can be a virus or scam.

Make sure that it is a trusted website.

Be cautious about what you put online.
Update Security
Be careful about scams, they can steal your information.
You can recognize scams by bad spelling and grammar.
Ignore or delete suspicious emails or websites online.
Here are the sources we used:
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