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Middle School Classroom Intro with Following Directions Activity

No description

Tanya McLain

on 3 August 2018

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Transcript of Middle School Classroom Intro with Following Directions Activity

We will make an effort to be gracious to each other...

We will not interrupt others' learning...

What I expect from you...
and what you expect from me...

"The Golden Rule"

Please look after
our room!

Golden Rule in Groups
In group work,
cooperate and

in your group.
~We will not talk over someone else.
~We will respect others' opinions.
~We will try our best even when things seem challenging.
We will not be rude or disruptive.
You may not like everyone you work with in group, but it is your responsibility to
be kind
. We will respect one another, or there will be consequences.
Be kind

with your


if you
mess up... 'fess up... apologize
~We should always help each other because we never know when we may need someone to help us.
BEFORE leaving the room ~
...pick up trash around your desk
...stack materials neatly
...return ALL borrowed items.
We have a great deal of material to cover this year, so it will take everyone's cooperation daily.

7th grade is challenging, but we can get through it, and you will be successful
you make the effort......
......So, Hang in there!! ....and yes... there is a great deal of writing....
~The purpose of coming to school is to learn.
~You will do your best to learn and not interrupt others' learning.
~It is important that you are prepared daily.
~If you need to borrow something, please ask a neighbor prior to class starting.
Group Activity:
When I give the signal,
you will have 30 sec to move to a group of four; Find a group quickly and quietly.
look around and make sure no one is without a group. Even if all groups have four, bring that person in so he or she is not alone.
***Remember the golden rule; treat others the way you want to be treated.***
Once your group is formed and no students are left out,
please get quiet, so I know you are ready for the task.
If this is not completed correctly,
then we will do it again. Your consequence will be that you have to find a completely new group, different from the one you were originally in.
If still not accomplished successfully,
a worksheet will be completed instead.

"I have a Bone to Pick With You"
1 min.
each person will think of a question that he or she wants to ask me or know about me.
2 mins.
each person will share his or her question with the group.

Give positive feedback or suggestions, if needed.
2 mins.
One person write the name of each person from the group on the back of the biscuit, and write the questions or comments on the front. (Do not write out repeat questions.)
~Remember to be respectful of others by taking turns talking, being encouraging, and not making fun of any question.
~Be respectful with the questions you want to ask me by making sure they are appropriate for school.
Now that we have accomplished this first task, I know we will be able to follow instructions in the future; hopefully, we will be able to complete activities that will get everyone up and moving.
To complete active learning activities, everyone must cooperate and follow given procedures.
If it cannot be done, we will not have active learning activities.

Info for me.... FOLLOW DIRECTIONS EXPLICITLY - example will be shown...

Start with the line that is ABOVE the red line...
on 1st line

Write the name you prefer to be called and your class period on the far right side.
<<skip a line >>
After skipping a line

If you are given a choice in Language Arts, do you prefer to work alone or with a group? Why?
<<skip a line >>
On the rest of the lines on front

- Tell me something you really want me to know about you: hobbies, likes, dislikes, family, etc. (This is to help me get to know you.)
In this classroom, we always help others...
Check with a your
neighbor first...
with me
My student life...
~If you see trash on the floor, please help out by picking it up and throwing it away.
~You will not be allowed to leave this room until it's neat.
We will cover individual procedures as we go, but for starters,
turn in work in the drawer designated for your class period unless otherwise stated.

Also, I will not "Shh!" anyone. You are in middle school and know when to get quiet. We will listen when the teacher or another student speaks. ...We respect everyone in this class.
- My Awesome Family
I understand struggles with learning.
At some point, we all need a friend.
Instructions for partner work and group work.
Sometimes we just need someone to care...
Try being that someone who cares.
Short-Constructed Response - on the back of your index card... Analyze the quote above. What does this quote mean to you?
Tanya McLain ___ period
I like to work with a group, if everyone actually works!
I LOVE going to the BEACH, and I love to eat! Italian is my favorite. I like Starbucks...well...a lot! I HATE mushrooms and dislike seafood! I like to talk.
Most days, I would rather watch a movie than read a book.
I love the outdoors... camping, riding horses, gardening, etc. I have an amazing husband and two fabulous daughters.
For tomorrow....
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