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No description

Tori Douglas

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Geocaching

Cost To Marketers
Link to Social Media
User- generated content
Findings are shared through Instagram & Facebook
Allows personal connections to be developed with brands
Brands can sponsor caching promotions
What is Geocaching?
By: Brad, Tori, Quin, & Evan
May 2, 2000 the government discontinued the use of Selective Adaptability

On May 3, Dave Ulmer, of Beavercreek, OR wanted to test the accuracy

In the next three days two people had found “the stash” and responded to Ulmer
Low barriers to entry
Minimal Costs to many small businesses
Can distribute promotions or products in cache
Potential large costs to larger companies
How it Works
Free basic account
Premium upgrade available
Outdoor high-tech treasure hunt
Over 6 mil. geocachers worldwide
Over 2.2 mil. active "caches"
Allows you to explore surroundings


Connect with community

Engage with brand

Increase brand awareness

Differentiate brand
Geocaching in unknown, possible unsafe area

Smartphone or GPS

Depends on physical ability

Injury or Death

Must have Wi-Fi or data services

Weather Permitting

Future & Recommendations
Its great for business to incorporate geocaching into their marketing strategy. They can increase promotion, brand awareness and sales.



Boulaire, Christèle, and Guillaume Hervet. "New Itinerancy: The Potential Of Geocaching For Tourism." International Journal Of Management Cases 15.2 (2013): 77-86. Business Source Complete. Web. 7 Oct. 2013.





Cacher Profile
Smartphone users, regular users of social media, purchasers of outdoor goods

Gen Y, Millennials, Gen Z

Psychographic: Active, adventurers, creative, competitive enjoys outdoors, young couples & families
Real World Examples
John Grisham wrote a new book "The Rackateer", a novel filled with suspense

His publishing company along with the offical geocaching company started a campaign based off the book

Gained 72,000 followers on facebook and an increase in audiance of 220%

Other companies that have used geocaching in marketing campaigns include: Geico, Timberland, PBS, Magellan, Jeep

Selective Adaptability
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