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The Bad beginning

No description

Makayla Lee

on 9 October 2015

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Transcript of The Bad beginning

The Bad beginning
The unfortunate Events
By:Lemony Snicket

Lemony snicket showed his true evil
Made the Bauldaires uncomfortable ex. strikes Claus across the face and the orphans reported to Mr.Poe he did nothing
The End
Found this book in the FMS library
The beginning of an good series!
The start
There are three siblings who are called Baudelaire children
There names are violet,Claus,and Sunny!
Mr. Poe an banker delivered bad news
The children are now orphans but they have a big family fortune!
New home
Thinking there going to be in an fancy nice modern house
They come to an old raggedy creepy house.
Lemony snicket is their uncle/farther their Funcle more like the devil!
They use Lemony snicket neighbors library.
The cause was due to Lemony snicket unsettle way of discipline and pure evilness and the fact that hes after their fortune,so he makes a plan.
He makes a plan where in a play hes going to legally marry the oldest Baudelaire child. Will it work?
Lemony snicket
Evil man searching for the Baudelaire fortune
A tall scrawny man with the tattoo of an eye
Uncle that the children never ever seen before nor was he talked about.
No heart man with no trust of the children.
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