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Basic Training for Writing a Good Five-Paragraph Essay


Seonghee Jeong

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Basic Training for Writing a Good Five-Paragraph Essay

Group 3 Basic Training for Writing a Good Five-Paragraph Essay The Full Text of the Essay Introduction Topic sentence Body paragraph 1 Introduction An Outline of the Essay background information thesis statement hook Background information Thesis statement In our life, we encountered enormous number of written words: textbooks, novels, newspapers, and even bus advertisements. In large number of writes, you can find an essay easily, and everyone writes an essay at least once by various routes. (...) Let's think about what is the effective way to write an essay. Hook Express one's thoughts or truth in written words. What does this meaning explain? Yes, you are right. It's the definition of 'WRITING'. We will focus on the structure of essay; five-paragraph, and we will talk about three points: developing the five-paragraph essay, having unity and coherence, and editing writing. A five-paragraph essay has three basic parts: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Supporting details 1. The introduction is the first paragraph of the essay. It must have a hook,
background information, and a thesis statement. 2. Next, the body consists of three paragraphs and it develops the idea
presented in the introduction. 3. Finally, the whole essay ends with a conclusion. The conclusion is the
last paragraph brings the essay to a close. Concluding sentence Until now, we checked the structure of the five-paragraph essay. From now on, we will talk about how we can write an essay more effective. Topic sentence Body paragraph 2 To make the essay more effective, we should consider unity and coherence. Supporting details 1. First of all, every word, sentence and paragraph must have unity.
All the ideas in a paragraph have to support each other. 2. Second, all the paragraphs need to have coherence. The difference between
unity and coherence is that the latter has to be written in logical flow. Concluding sentence People are apt to overlook unity and coherence, but if they don't go along, the whole part of body will collapse. There are two ways to arrange ideas in logical order. The first way is (...)
and the second way is (...). Emphasize again! Topic sentence Body paragraph 3 When writing the five-paragraph essay, writers need to edit their essay in some proper ways. Supporting details 1. First of all, sentences in the essay should be formed completely.
To be specific, well-formed main clauses and dependent clauses are
essential to make a complete sentence. 2. Secondly, sentences in the essay have to be connected naturally.
Run-on sentences, (...), should not be presented when writing the essay. Concluding sentence In conclusion, it is highly important for essay writers to consider some editing factors through possible ways. 3. Finally, the writers must pay attention to verb tense of sentences. Emphasize again! An example of third supporting detail Body paragraph 3 For instance, ‘Kevin played a basketball and drinks some water’ can be considered a wrong sentence. The right sentence can be ‘Kevin played a basketball and drunk some water.’ or ‘Kevin plays a basketball and drinks some water.’ Conclusion Final message Restatement In a nutshell, the five-paragraph essay is composed of an introduction, three body paragraphs and a conclusion. All things considered, all of them are crucial when writing an essay. Moreover, each paragraph should have unity, which binds main topic to subtopics, and coherence, which is the way to develop the ideas in a logical flow. After writing an essay, writers check and edit their writings. If you make the best use of the elements that were stated above, you will be able to write a well-organized five-paragraph essay. Thank you! Body paragraph 1 - 3 topic sentence supporting details concluding sentence Conclusion restatement final message
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