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Copy of STEAL - Characterization

No description

Kristina Ernest

on 7 September 2017

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Transcript of Copy of STEAL - Characterization

STEAL - Characterization
S - Say
What they say is important because

(1) It shows how the interact with people
(2) It shows if they are lying
(3) It shows their background if they have an accent.
T - Think
What a character thinks is important because

(1) It shows their inner most thoughts
(2) It shows if they are lying
(3) It shows how intelligent they are
A- Actions
They show you real intentions from the character
S. T. E. A. L.
All five things create a complete character.
L - Looks
Show you how a character chooses to be perceived by others
Characters drive the story. Without characters, there would be no plot.

Analyzing characters is one of the most important things that a reader to do.

If you don't understand why a character does something, you don't really understand the story.
E - Effects on Others
It is important to see how other people react to another character because

(1) Other people's perceptions key you off to hidden traits about the character.
An easy way to characterize some one
S - what they SAY

T - what they THINK

E - the EFFECTS they have on others

A - what their ACTIONS are

L - what they LOOK like
When analyzing a character...
You need to describe a trait that they have and then how one of the S.T.E.A.L qualities back up that trait. Examples of character traits:

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