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Michael ''Air'' Jordan

No description

Imran Shahzad

on 25 May 2015

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Transcript of Michael ''Air'' Jordan

The making of a legend
The Beggining
Michael Jordan was born feburary 7th, 1963
''AIR'' Jordan
The "Air" Jordan Retro 1's are the first shoes Michael Jordan ever came out with.
In the 1984 NBA Draft Michael Jordan was the 38th annual draft pick.
Thank you!
Michael Jordan's College Mix tape
Teenage Years
because his mom was scared of the streets of brooklyn they had to move to north carolina
This was Michael Jordan as a child
Michael Jordan was born in Brooklyn, Ny
Michael jordan did not live in a poor family he lived in a middle class family
Known fact Michael Jordan made his high school basketball team but was cut from it because he was raw and undersized
believe it or not this was him as a Teenager
MJ in College
Michael Jordan went to college at North Carolina.
This is Michael Jordan as a child
Michael Jordan was 6 feet and 6 inches tall.
Michael Jordan weighed 195lb.
In college Michael Jordan would drop 101 points per game.
When Michael Jordan was in college he started to Stick his tongue before a dunk or a layup.
Draft Day
The Draft was held at Maddison square garden in New York City on June 19th, 1984
In this draft 23 NBA Teams took turns selecting amature U.S college basketball players and other eligeble players
This is michael jordan signing his contract to play in the NBA

Luckly enough The Chicago Bulls got Michael ''Air'' Jordan
Michael Jordan
this is him

his contract
with the
Chicago Bulls

This is the press conference he did after the NBA Draft!!!
MJ is just showing off his jersey to the world.
these are the space jam jordan's which michael Jordan wore in the movie space jam.
The ''Carmines''aka retro 6's spikes inspiered these are the most sold jordans in the market today.
Michael jordan is the first person to ever wear different coloured shoes on to a basketbal court.
How "AIR" Jordans started.!?
After Michael Jordan was on the Bulls for a while, and helped them get a championship. Nike offered him a shoes deal and he accepted it. Nike told him he could name it anything he wants so he did. He called them "AIR JORDANS"
These are the first different coloured shoes ever worn by an NBA player
AcToR & AtHeLeTe?
Michale Jordan is an actor as well as an athelete to he has acted in Space Jam, His Airness, and He Got Game. But the best one is Space Jam so lets take a look at the trailer.
Before michale Jordan retired he made a final mix tape and here it is DUNKS, BLOCKS, STEALS & PASSES its all here.
Thank you for
watching my presentation on
Michael " 23 Air" Jordan

(Retro 6's)
Space jam 11's
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