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No description

Francisco Galarte

on 25 October 2016

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Transcript of Fatherhood

The Family
A space of "warmth, caring and unconditional love" - a refuge from the public world
Public/Private Split
Family and Society is separate
Family relations are idealized as nuturant.
Outside the family (society/private) relations are competitive
Parenthood, The Family and The State
What is the "State"?
There is a direct relationship between how we idealize what the family is/represents and national identity. Why do you think this is so?
If the family is supposed to primarily oriented as a private space - why do we have the intervention of the state to respond to the crisis of "fatherhood?
State Sponsored Public Service Announcements
Question #3: Pick one of the following PSAs and describe how "fathers" are represented. Which one stood out to you and why? What does the PSA say about "fatherhood" and "manhood"?
In - Class Writing
Question #1: How is parenthood gendered? In other words, describe the different expectations of mothers and fathers.

Question #2: How is gender related to the division of labor in family structures?
The Caring "New" Man
"New Man" emerged in the late 1970s/1980s as "care" oriented masculinity.
The "New Man" was the nurturing and emotionally sensitive male who was prepared to take on domestic chores and childcare duties alongside his female partner.
What are some examples of representations of the "new man" today? (films?/tv shows?)
Fatherhood & The "Caring Man"
GWS150 - Oct 24, 2016
Prof. Galarte

Question #4: How can we think about race and class in relationship to the crisis around "fatherhood"?
Question #5: If the overall tendency is that men want to be home with their children and split responsibilities evenly, does this "undo gender"? If not, why do women and men "fall" back into gender?
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