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The Mark of the Beast

No description

Schalla Swab

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of The Mark of the Beast

The story is set in colonial India
Battle between two cultures
Britain and India
Kipling witnessed the conflicts that inevitably occur when two cultures are brought into contact by force
The Mark of the Beast
Rudyard Kipling

The narrator...
Tells a story about an eerie adventure in colonial India that he shared with two other English, civil service officers,
Fleete owned a little land in the Himalayas
New Year's Eve Party!
Let's get shhwasteddd!
The three of them drink....alot!
When they are returning home, Fleete enters a temple and grinds his cigar into a statue of the Hindu god, Hanuman
"shee that? Mark of the b-beast. I made it. Ishn't it fine?"
What does this god look like?....
Meet freaky looking Hanuman, the Hindu god
Is apparently a monkey deity
Hanuman, the mighty ape that aided Lord Rama in his expedition against evil forces, is one of the most popular idols in the Indian pantheon
So basically....a Hindu Monkey God
And what does Fleete do?
Publicly defaces the statue of the Hindu Monkey God and angers the Indians in the temple
At this point, Silver Man jumps out!
"A leper as white as snow."
Significance of the Title...
A reference to the final book of the New Testament, the Book of Revelation
According to chapter 13, great evil will take over the world
A monster with many heads called "the Beast" will rule and the beast's followers will be branded with its mark
Say whaaaaatttt?
What happens next?
The leper touches Fleete's chest
A priest suggests that God will take his revenge...
"Take your friend away. He has done with Hanuman but Hanuman has not done with him."
Strickland is annoyed with Fleete
The next day...
We expect to see Fleete with a severe headache/hangover
What do we actually see?
Fleete is acting strange
I've been bitten to pieces, but only in one part!
"You breed queer mosquitoes in these parts."
Let's have a looksie!
There is a black mark on his chest
Strickland: That's not normal!
Fleete: I'm hungry!
Strickland: In fact, that is quite weird!
Fleete: I'm hungry!
Horses: Naying because even thy're so freaked out...
Could this be Supernatural?
Strickland suspects a supernatural causes, but is hesitant to say so for fear of him sounding crazy
In the meantime...
Fleete is:
Eating raw meat
Foaming at the mough
Hungry like the wolf
Time to tie him up and gag him until we figure out what to do.
Call the Doctor!
Super shocked
It's a case of Hydrophobia...rabies!
Yeah, sorry, I can't help you...
It must be Silver Man!
The two men decide to capture the leper to force him to remove the curse
Fleete returns to normal with no memory of his condition
The narrator wonders if anyone will believe his condition
Would you believe him?
Mind you....
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