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Gupta Empire

No description

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Gupta Empire

Gupta Empire - Bukart
Map of the Empire
Under the rule of the Gupta India made great advances in amny areas including arts education and buliding of roads
The time of the Gupta empire was a time of learning. The Guptas built lots of collages and universities. Men were allowed at the schools but the only way women could be in school if there mom was a teacher.
Writers in the Gupta Empire created many kinds of literature. They mostly wrote folk tale, poetry, and fables. They also wrote palys about historical and political subject. Then they gather a large group of people a preformed the piece they had wrote.
The Gupta Empire is well know for there paintings. This art was an imortant fact to the noble families. No home was complete with out a painting or piece of art
Sculpting is another form of art. sculpture used rock, wood, bronze, and terra-cotton clay to sculpt. most statues were made for Hindu and Buddist deities. The sclptures were carved to be human most of the time.
Gupta kings controlled huge gold mines. Metalworkes made gold a copper coins. The metLworkers were also famous for there iron work.
Earlier Hindu mathematicians a way of writing in whole numbers. Some the other mathematicians took the whole number system even farther to decimals. Later on Arab people learned the system of numbers and then it later spread to Europe.
The Gupta Empire thought that a road 1000 miles long would help the trade. The builders used care and precision to build these roads. These roads were also made for care and comfort for the kings people. The roads were built a few feet off the ground so there were ditches and canals.
by.Elizabeth Laenen
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