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MIS 201 Chapter 10 eCommerce

Use this Prezi to review Chapter 6 in preparation for Exam 3.

Gregory Foudray

on 17 April 2018

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Transcript of MIS 201 Chapter 10 eCommerce

Chapter 10 Summary:

1. Types of ecommerce: b2b vs b2c
scope of ecommerce (sales, marketing, promotion, social)
2. pure vs. partial eCommerce(bricks and mortar)

3. online auction types

4. Growing Disintermediation of entire industries.

5. Unprecedented change in sales and marketing
business process driven by technology
.........Social Media

6. Mobile Advertising dramatic Growth

7. Accelerating movement of retail out of the Mall to Online and Omni-Channel
Example: Ebay
Request for Proposal
Example SSU request
for bids on Dorm furnishings
Example: Bidnet.com
Foudray: in Previous Edition of Textbook 2013 Consider Twitter IPO

The End
Disintermediated Industries
1. Travel Agencies
2. Car Insurance?

Next: College Bookstores?
Banking? Shopping Malls?
Commerce is evolving
to Omni-Channel
""hits" "downloads"
Facebook has surpassed
Google in Mobile Advetising
E-Commerce=====> Social ====> Mobile
Which is larger?


Business Adapts
to Social
What about B2B?
AKA: sourcing, Procurement
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