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Let It Snow

No description

Camille Simsuangco

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Let It Snow

Let It Snow
A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle
The Patron Saint of Pigs
The Jubilee Express
Maureen Johnson, John Green, and Lauren Myracle
by Maureen Johnson
by John Green
by Lauren Myracle
Jubilee's boyfriends
(at one point or another)
- Jubilee Dougle
This part of the story is written in her perspective. She's adventurous but shy.
- Noah
Straight A student, ASB Class President at his school, captain of the soccer team, etc. Because of all his activities at school, he is always busy and his time is limited. He and Jubilee start dating on Christmas Eve. the year before. They break up on Christmas day.

- Stuart
Works at Target to support his mom and little sister. Houses Jubilee to make sure she's safe and that she enjoys her holiday while she can't be home or with family. Convinces Jubilee that she's a great person and that whoever is lucky enough to have her should treat her like a princess. Well, I guess it's pretty evident now. Stuart's last girlfriend cheated on him by kissing another boy in the Starbucks bathroom.
People on the train to Florida/in Gracetown
- Jeb
Jeb, who is one the main characters in another part of this book, is trying to get home to Gracetown to see his girlfriend that he cannot contact. Not much is revealed about their relationship yet.
- The Cheerleaders
A group with a variety of Amber's and Madison's, all trying to get to a cheer competition. This is when Jubilee realizes she
People at home/in jail
- Don Keun
Employee and aspiring manager of the Waffle House, has an obsession with cheerleaders and Twister.
- Jubilee's parents (no names mentioned)
Arrested for being part of scandal known as the "Flobie Five"
- Sam
One of Jubilee's neighbors, works as a lawyer, tries to get Jubilee's parents out of jail.
Maureen Johnson
At age 39, Maureen Johnson has had 10 young adult fiction books published.
She lives in NYC and works as a novelist, but has also worked in the publishing of the
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
video game for Nintendo DS and PSP.
(wow cool)
This part of the story is written in his perspective.
- Tin Foil guy
Tows cars, dresses in tin foil, all that crazy stuff.
"But I noticed you," he went on. "And it drove me
crazy, from the first minute. Not just that I noticed you, but that I could see that you were going out with some supposedly perfect guy who clearly didn't deserve you. Which, frankly, was kind of the situation I was in. It sounds like he's kind of realized his mistake, though."
He nodded at the phone, which started ringing
"I'm still really glad you came," he added. "And
don't give in to that guy, okay? If nothing else? Don't give in to that guy. He doesn't deserve you. Don't let him fool you."

- Angie/"The Duke"
One of Tobin's best friends. She's a tomboy and is "secretly" in love with Tobin.
wow shocker
- JP
Another one of Tobin's best friends. Obsessed with cheerleaders, friends with Don Keun.
Other Characters
"There is always the risk: something is good and good and good and good,
and then all at once it gets awkward. All at once, she sees you looking at her, and then she doesn't want to joke around with you anymore, because she doesn't want to seem flirty, because she doesn't want you to think she likes you. It's such a disaster, whenever, in the course of human relationships, someone begins to chisel away at the wall of separation between friendship and kissing.
Breaking down that wall is the kind of story that might have a happy
middle - oh, look, we broke down this wall, I’m going to look at you like a girl and you're going to look at me like a boy and we're going to play a fun game called Can I Put My Hand There What About There What About There. And sometimes that happy middle looks so great that you can convince yourself that it's not the middle but will last forever."
John Green
John Green is an American novelist and blogger. He's written many young adult/fictional books including
Looking for Alaska
Paper Towns
, and
The Fault in Our Stars
. His YouTube channel consists of videos featuring his brother, Hank, and crash course videos on American/World History. Basically he's pretty awesome for a 36 year old.
He looks so serious but he's actually more like
He's loads of fun and you should follow his blog
"People change for each other all the
time. Take any love story, any great love story at all, and you'll see that people have to be willing to change if they're going to make things work out."
Lauren Myracle
But she's pretty great.
studious and stuff
she's great.
- Tin Foil Guy (yet again)
on the train/in the waffle house
- Stuart
so basically...
idc jubilee
bye Noah
I have to go
lol ok
party party woo
Noah pls
call me
she's pretty
the end
no not Mr. Tobin ok
- Don Keun
- Tobin's parents
- Cheerleaders
Tobin's house
let's go
somewhere ugh
Tobin be safe ok
and blah
blah blah
the Duke/
the Waffle House
cheerleaders omg bring twister
Don Keun
the cheerleaders omg
shut up JP
on the way to the Waffle House
the end
- Jeb
if you guys meet anyone named Addie tell her I love her and I'm on my way
um.. hi
woo twister
Why didn't you tell me?
Tell you what?
that you
liked me.
oh, well yeah
let's get
the Waffle House
- Addie
- Jeb
- Tegan
- Addie
stop being so self-absorbed Addie it's not punk rock
yeah Addie
sorry Jeb it's just not working
To: Jeb

Jeb ily pls forgive me ok I didn't mean it
p.s. sorry I cheated on you
I'll show them I'm not self-centered
welcome to starbucks
I'm your 'Christmas angel'
at starbucks
- Mayzie
- Dorrie
- basically all the other couples mentioned in the other stories
the pet store across the street
sorry dude some lady already bought him
Mayzie's house
looking for something?
yes you took the teacup pig my friend ordered
well have you learned your lesson about being selfish
yes omg ok give it back pls
*not self-centered*
omg ily
lack of communication ruins everything basically
the end
Lauren Myracle's got her BA in English and Psychology. Her novels were always a matter of discussion according to the American Library Association because they contain images of sex and drugs and all that crazy stuff.
Most of the conflicts are
person vs. nature
, although it is not the
conflict that comes to mind.

For instance, if the snow storm hadn't caused the train to stop, Jubilee never would have stayed in Gracetown and would have been with her family, or even with worse, with Noah, instead of Stuart.
*on phone*
Don Keun
If it weren't for the snow storm, Tobin would've been able to spend Christmas with his parents instead of venturing off with his two best friends, which means he probably wouldn't have confessed his love for Angie. However, they did face difficulties physically because of the storm.
The snow storm wouldn't have gotten in Addie's way, so she would've gotten the teacup pig in time without wrecking her dad's car, but she wouldn't have learned her lesson from her 'Christmas angel,' Mayzie. Also, Jeb would have been able to communicate with her since his phone would be able to make calls, and they would have gotten back together the "easy way."
Despite all the "storms" someone could face in their life, you can almost always find a solution if you keep trying, even if it requires changing yourself.
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