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Who am I Fun Test

No description

John Rose

on 15 September 2011

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Transcript of Who am I Fun Test

Who am I? Q 1: Write down the following five animals in the order of your preference: Q 2: Write a word to describe each one of the following (preferably write five different describing words): Write down the name of a different person whom you associate with each of these five colours (each person must be known to you and important to you): Q3: Q1a: • Cow = CAREER
• Tiger = PRIDE
• Sheep = LOVE
• Horse = FAMILY
• Pig = MONEY Q2a: • Dog = your own personality
• Cat = your partner
• Rat = your enemy or enemies
• Coffee = what you enjoy
• Sea = your life Q3a: • Yellow = a person you will never forget
• Orange = a true friend
• Red = a person you really love
• White = your twin soul or soul-mate
• Green = someone who can teach you a lot about yourself Interpretation of Your Answers So how 'true' is the outcome?! Cow Tiger Sheep Horse Pig Dog Cat Rat Coffee Sea
Yellow Orange Red White Green
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