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Project Mulberry

No description

Taylor Storts

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Project Mulberry

Project Mulberry
By: Linda Sue Park
Taylor Storts

Julia and her friend want to enter in a fair. As they are thinking, Julia's mom offers the idea of raising silkworms like she did when she was young. Patrick likes the idea, but Julia stuggles with it because she wants to do something more American. She goes along anyway.

Patrick and Julia order the worms and research more. They discover that the worms have special needs like mulberry leaves to eat. They hang flyers around the town saying they need some and a kind man named Mr. Dixon offers to let them borrow his mulberry tree.
Setting 1
Julia's house is mostly where the story takes place.
Setting 2
Mr. Dixon's house is where Juila and Patrick can take the mulberry leaves for their worms.
Setting 3
School is where the Wiggle Club meets.
Setting 4
The fair is where Julia and Patrick enter their silk tapestry but don't get a ribbon. Juila is given a special award for originality.
I found Julia interesting because she is sometimes annoyed at her heritage and wants to grow up 100% American. She isn't interested in silkworms because she thinks they are "too Korean". As she goes along with the project to more she is okay with it. She also learns to appreciate who she is and be proud to be Korean.
With the worms growing and turning
into cocoons, the project is looking like
a success. There's just one problem though. To get the silk they have to boil the cocoons and kill the worms inside. Julia refuses to do it, but after thinking she agrees to continue. Julia is happy after making the silk and her and Patrick enter it in the fair. Even though they don't win, they are happy with all the hard work they put into their project.

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