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Zoie Shomin

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of Summary

Australia is a unique country full of unique people, things, animals, and places. The most popular tourism sites are Sydney which has some of the most beautiful beaches, and the Sydney Harbor is one of the beautiful natural harbors in the world. Tasmania is one of the world’s heritage wilderness sites. Fraser Island is the biggest sand island, four wheel driving, camping under the stars is what you will see people doing. Adelaide has the spacious green parklands. And, Kangaroo Island has the wildlife and majestic scenery, you will see a lot of animals such as kangaroos, koalas, sea lions on the beach, wallabies, ect. Anywhere in Australia you would see wild animals, but instead of seeing bears, deer, and beavers you would find kangaroos, wombats, emus, and koalas. Also, instead of finding forests of oak trees, pine trees, or anything like that you would find tons of “gum” trees, and eucalyptus trees.
A very unique and sort of rare thing that happened was that Australia drifted away from New Zealand, New Caledonia, basically the Southern Hemisphere about 85 million years ago by continental drift. Dinosaurs roamed the land even when it was drifting. Mammals began to dominate and the first signs of human-kind was traced back with the “First Australians” after the death of dinosaurs. The first person to discover Australia was by a Dutch navigator, Willem Janszoon in 1606.
Australia is the sixth worlds largest country by total area, the neighboring countries are Indonesia, East Timor, Papua New Guinea, The Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, and New Zealand. Australia is considered the Oceanian Country in the southern hemisphere. The neighboring oceans are the Indian Ocean, Southern Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean. Australia is right on the Tropic of Capricorn and just below of the Equator.
Compare and Contrast
Australia and New Zealand are modern, and multicultural countries, many people dream to travel to these two countries to see the unique animals, and amazing tourism sites. They have the same language, also ethnic groups. For instance, both are multicultural countries and both have the European as the major group of their population. But they have their differences too, Australia has a larger area than New Zealand, Australia is 7,617,930 square kilometers of land while New Zealand has a much smaller area of 268,021 square kilometers. Australia has a population of 23 million where New Zealand is about 4 million.
Problem and Solution
Australia has many problems, but a major one is stopping the spread of Rabbits. They are the most destructive animals in Australia in 1859 Thomas Austin brought over 24 wild rabbits from England and released them into the wild for sport hunting. But if got out of hand, The population from 24 to millions of rabbits since 1859. they have destroyed two million acres of Victoria's floral land. The rabbits destroy land, crops, or just anything. There is a fence on the outskirts of Australia that doesn't allow anymore Rabbits. In 1950 a biological control agent went to Australia and gave the rabbits a virus that killed them and decreased the population by a lot. Shooting the rabbits, and trapping them are also decreasing the population too.
Sequence of events
Was the first gold rush, there was multiple gold rushes that year in Australia
Thomas Austin brought over 24 wild and destructive rabbits from England for a hunting sport but caused there to be millions of rabbits destroying lands.
The world war starts, Australians find themselves on the British Empire
The first world war ends on a day remembered as Armistice day on November 11th. 61,720 australians were dead, and 153,509 were wounded
Australian forces are involved with the civil war, America and China were involved with the problem. The war soon becomes long lasting and very similar to the first World War.
Sydney, Australia
Tasmania, Australia
Fraser Island, Australia
Adelaide, Australia
New Zealand
Rabbits of Australia
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