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HSCI-449 Random Acts of Kindness

Fall 2014

Justin Javillonar

on 22 November 2014

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Transcript of HSCI-449 Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness
Amanda, Eleanor, Manny, Justin
Phase 1: Something for U Posters
Phase 2: 'Kindness Experiment' Hallway Campaign
Phase 3: Movie Ticket Giveaway
Learning As a Group
Team Building Exercises
Phase 1: Something for U Posters
Phase 2: 'Kindness Experiment' Hallway
Phase 3: Movie Ticket Giveaway
To promote the creation of an environment of kindness and student well-being in the SFU community.
Who are we?
Random Acts of Kindness Project group members
To build on the Healthy Campus Communities project and to pave the path for future kindness initiatives
Who is our target audience?
SFU students, professors and staff
3 activities: Something for U posters, Kindness Experiment, HSCI Movie Tickets.
What we did
Why we did this...
Kindness Dares
Post its for people to write on
Candies, gift card draw, and silly hats and a onesie to draw people’s attention

to improve community engagement on creating a kind environment;
to develop personal skills of being positive and nice to oneself and others;
to raise the awareness of creating an environment of kindness
to engage students in sharing kindness in their own way, within the SFU community
Last day
Second day
First day
Phase 2: 'Kindness Experiment' Hallway Campaign
Approached around 200+ people
100+ Post-its with nice messages
Most of them are related to "Be happy, smile and love" and "Self-encouraging"
"Happy and smile" is the absolute winner
Clever drawings
Participants gave comments such as “I love this activity”, “You made my day”

Movie Certificate enough
for 2 people.
HSCI Students from each level
(2 lower division & 2 upper division)
Contact the Professors beforehand
To give a few HSCI students a chance
to share kindness to another person.
Policy changes: some posters proven by Health and Counseling Services should have the privilege of being posted and kept posted
Health and Counseling Services - build on community outreach by randomly choosing faculties and doing Random Kind Acts in classes & build on hallway outreaches by doing it more regularly and at different locations
Library comfort cart - reduce stress
Kindness Ninjas - ie. pay it forward in lineups
Random Acts of Kindness outreach team - regular outreach on all campuses
Expand it to other campuses and schools (Uni, high schools)
Community Engagement and Empowerment - Dialogue, working with students to get their own input, partnerships with other organizations on campus (ie. Hi-five, AIDS Awareness Network, student unions)
Creative ways to engage students - free hugs pass it on, connecting people through music or art
Social-emotional learning included in academic curriculum - guided discussions about empathy and students’ own behaviors and values, social awareness, identity awareness and empathy based conflict resolution.
A Talking Bench - sense of connection and excitement

What color do you associate with kindness and why?

How do you perceive kindness within your cultural background?

What was you best experience related to kindness?

What kindness activity do you hope to see on campus?
~5 minutes
Write compliments/nice message for members in your team.

Max 5 mins to not waste their lecture time
Our Logo: SFU

Why we did this

Develop personal skills of being positive and nice to oneself and others;
Raise the awareness of creating an environment of kindness
Surrey Campus
3 outreaches at Burnaby
Tim Horton's Gift card Winners
Phase 1: Sharing For U poster
Individual setting
Phase 2: Kindness Experiment
Interpersonal & Community level
Phase 3: HSCI movie ticket
Community level

Develop Personal Skills
Create Supportive Environments
Strengthening Community Action

Ottawa Charter
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