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Sir Francis Drake

MY Project on Sir Francis Drake the Great Explorer from England

Brandon Kim

on 4 June 2010

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Transcript of Sir Francis Drake

Sir Francis Drake Childhood He was born in 1540, Tavistock,Devon. He was the eldest of twelve sons in the Drake family. His father was a protestant farmer who later became a preacher. Later when he became 18 he went to his rich uncle John Hawkins, in Plymouth. He learned skills for voyaging from his uncle. Knowledge of tides, currents and shoals
The directions of the wind and speed
How to use a compass and other instument for navigation
How to steer the Sun and stars
Develope the skills of sounding the depth
Using judgement to decide where to find a harbor on foreign coasts The Troublesome Voyage Sir Francis Drake went on a voyage with his uncle to the West Indies. But before that they went to the Guinea for trading slaves They took more than 100 slaves to the West Indies. The first island they spotted was the island of Domonica. They then sailed south towards the coast of South America and the Spanish Main. They stayed for around 2 months, trying to get a trading license from the gervornor. However, they weren't able to sell or trade anything because of the orders from Spain that the colonies were not allowed to trade with the Hawkins. They never gave up. So, Drake was sent to Rio de la Hacha, but when the ships were on sight of the port Spanish cannons open fired at them. However, when his uncle came he sent 200 armed men to take down the city and force the governor to trade with them. Francis and his uncle returned with lots of treasures, pices and gold. He was to quickly become a master of his own voyage and planned not only to get richer but also to get even with the Spanish After the Troublsome voyage, Sir Francis Drake met his first wife, Mary. By: Brandon Kim He became a pirate with his uncle who stole treasures, spices and other valuable things. Expeditions The Second Expedition The trip around the world After several years, Drake's biggest plan was hatched in screcy by the queen and some of her ministers. He was trying to sail down the coast of south America and around th scary cape horn through the Strait of Magellan It took more than a year to get ready for the voyage around the world. He had to suplly foods, water, and some fire powers to defend his ship for a battle. He took a ship called the Pelican (which was later renamed to the Golden Hind) and the Swallow from the queen. Other ships in the fleets were the Elizabeth and Marigold, a supply ship callled the Swan. No English ships ever made this journey, but Drake was well prepared for it. but then in the harbor, a huge storm came by so they had to wait another month Tierra del Fuego, the strait of Magellan, was really hard to pass. They spent the whole september trying to past Tierra del Fuego but then the Marigold was lost in the storms. The 2 remaining ships also were seperated in a stronger storm. At the end of October the Pelican was renamed to the Golden Hind and headed up north, up the Pacific coast of the South Amercia After navigating the coast of South America Drake landed on a new land which now is California. They met the natives who treated them like gods. Unfortunately, before Drake left he killed the natives and claimed the land for his queen.
In the autumn of 1580, right when the Golden Hind was coming to the harbor the queen was waiting for the ship to stop. The queen greeted him and she knighted Sir Francis Drake on board. Transportation Sir Francis Drake's voyages were mostly on ships. The Golden Hind The Hardships One of Sir Francis Drake's hardship was that he and his men had a hard time because of all kinds of storm of Tierra del Fuego, the Striat of Megellan. Drake had another problem while he was sailing. it was starvation and thirstiness Sir Francis Drake died in 1596, January 28. Impact & Tools
and Tools Compass He destroyed the Spanish Armada and helped England not get ruled by the Spain. He also became the first English man sailed around the world and the second man to sail around the world after Ferdinand Magellan Telescope guns/fire powes
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