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No description

Charles Herndon

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of Lions

How does a lion hunt?
Lions stalk and hunt their prey in a collaborative effort. The females do the majority of hunting because they are faster and can maneuver easier than their male counterparts.
What are Lions?
A large tawny-colored cat that lives in prides, found in Africa and northwestern India. The male has a flowing shaggy mane and takes little part in hunting, which is done cooperatively by the females.
What do lions eat?
Lions usually hunt at night. Their prey includes antelopes, buffaloes, zebras, young elephants, rhinos, hippos, wild hogs, crocodiles and giraffes. But they also sometimes eat smaller prey like mice, birds, hares, lizards, and tortoises.
Female Lion Description
Adult the female weighing between 264 to 400 pounds (120-182 kg). They rang between 4’7” to 5’9” (140-175 cm).
Male Lion Description
Adult male lions will weigh between 330 to 550 pounds (150-250 kg) they range in length between 5’7” to 8’2” (170-250 cm)
When do lions sleep?
Male may sleep from 18 to 20 hours a day. However following a large meal, these male cats may actually sleep an entire 24 hours of a day. Females will easily sleep 15 to 18 hours a day. They spend more time caring for the pride and hunting.
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