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St. James town

No description

ajaenth ponnuthurai

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of St. James town

St. James town
St.James town
St.James town is the perfect housing for the new immigrants with friendly neighbors it was builded in the 1870's. There are walkable groceries stores and pharmacy for their needs.Great access to places. It would be perfect for new immigrants because it would be easy for them since its near by.
This neighbourhood is walkable

There are restuarants that are near by St james town that are walkable to such as steak & chops, and mr.Jerk.If you are tired to cook you can just walk to the restuarant within 5 minutes to have quality time.If your into reading you can go each time to the library to borrow books most of the time. You can exercise by walking and also save money by using your feet instead of a car which costs you quite alot of money.
The housing cost of St.James town apartments are from $100.000- $200.000 to own it. Its a clean green space with quite neighbours and nearby stores that you can get to within 5 minutes. This is a perfect housing for new immigrants.
There are bus stands that are nearby and also Castle Frank subway station you can use when going to work instead of buying a car and paying alot for insurance whem you can save money buy choosing by using the ttc or subway when you save money by not getting a car might help you save for future.
In conclusion this is why I think why new immigrants should move to St James town since it has shops that are walkable to,easy to use ttc,and it is clean.
By: Ajaenth
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