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No description

gursahil sran

on 29 September 2016

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Transcript of Anthem

About Anthem.....
Theme of "Anthem"...
Storyboard #1
Storyboard #5
Storyboard #4
Storyboard #2
Freedom and the right to express is a mere privilege towards only the fortunate ones, where you are not restricted by the society.
Similarly, “Anthem” written by Ayn Rand is an individual named Equality 7-251, who is limited by the imbecility of a society under the face of communism in a destopian society.
Where he must follow the protocols which are not compatible to his abilities, and if he tries to break free, it is deemed as a sinful act.
Equality 7-2521 runs away to the Uncharted Forest which is a forbidden area for anyone to enter.
He feels the joy of freedom by doing everything by himself such as cooking ,finding water and shelter.
Meanwhile, the Golden One( Liberty 5-3000) also runs away from the Home of Peasants and joins Equality 7-2521 in the Uncharted Forest.
They both discover a house left from the "Unmentionable Times" where Equality finds the Manuscripts and discover the word "I" and "Ego."
There are many different themes in this book. However, the major themes that are incorporated in this novel include that one cannot simply erase who they are and forget their true beliefs and their self-identity to become as another person. As the novel is based on being a collectivist society, it also ties in with another major theme that love is inevitable on this world and cannot be simply diminished by the views of the society. This shows how the main character Equality 7-2521 found his last ray of hope to live through love by finding his significant other.
In Equality 7-2521's childhood, he always felt superior to his brothers as he loved the "Science of Things."
He was always curious about the inventions made by the world of scholars. As their famous inventions include the "Candle" and the "Glass."
After completing school, the council of vocations give him the mandate of being a street sweeper while he wanted to be a scholar.
As Equality 7-2521 worked on his Light box hidden in a tunnel, he returned late to the Home of the Street Sweepers and refuse to give the authorities a reason.
He was sent to the Place of Corrective Detention, where he decided to present his invention to the Scholars in a month.
Equality 7-2521 decided to break out of the Place of Corrective Detention and went to the scholars.
The scholars rejected his invention, he decided to run away
When Equality 7-2521 enters the Home of the Street Sweepers. He Discovers a tunnel with a friend he met named International 4-88180. Also, he meets The Golden One while sweeping the road. Which he inevitably falls in love with
The tunnel is left from the "Unmentionable Times", from which the society he lives in was reverted to and there were undiscovered things that were there.
From the tunnel, he discovered a light box (Bulb) which he called the "Power of Sky"(Electricity) as he researched two years.
By:Gursahil,Michael,Jessica, Madison

The target audience and the Cast...
The target audience is teens and young adults due to the intense suspense and romance that is better understood and interpreted by the youth.
The Cast Includes as follows:
Director: Steven Spielberg
Background: Best known for his Oscar Winning Movies.
Charge: $22 million/film
Equality 7-2521: Dylan O'Brien
Background: Best known for his role in Maze Runner
Charge: $426,136/film
The Cast Continued...
The Golden One(Liberty 5-3000):
Emma Watson
Background: Best known for her role in Harry Potter Series
Charge: $10,484,310/film
International 4-81880: Sam Claflin
Background: Best known for his role in Snow
White and Huntsman.
Charge: $153,846/film
Back-up Actors: Lilly Collins, Chris Zylka, Tom Holland and Woody Allen*
The Shooting Schedule and duration of the film...
8:00 am -9:00 am: Arrival to location
10:00 am - 1:00 pm: Camera setup and Makeup
1:30 pm-2:30 pm: Lunch
3:00 pm-10:oo pm: Acting of the Scenes
10: 3o pm- 11:30 pm: Pack-up

Shooting Schedule:
Duration of the film: 10-12 weeks
Setting of the film and the budget of the movie...
North Carolina-Brevard
Black Mountain, DuPont State Forest
Budget of the Movie:
Makeup/Dressing: $2 million
Actor Charges: $34 million
Location/Camera Equipment: $100,000
Crew Member Charges/Miscallenous: $200,000
Total: $36,300,000 under Max. Budget $100 Million
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