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sabrina fuentez

on 12 October 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Quimby Oak Restaurant Project
m S

Head Chefs:
Sabrina Fuentez, Alexis Loredo
Business Managers:
Jazmine Pena, Manuel Garcia

Marketing Directors:
Chanel Alvarez, Arianna Le
For phase three, no matter what we all had a blast. It was fun because we got to shoot the commercial. Before all that fun we had a lot of work to do.
We all found phase one very challenging, but we managed to get things done. It started with us choosing Kissimmee, Florida (Arianna always wanted to go there, and the name was funny) Kiss-uh-me.
~Phase One~
The Finalizers
The Jam Sac
The Start Of The Jam Sac...
At the start of the project, we did not know how it would work out. All of us didn't know each other that well, so it was kinda hard to tell what jobs we should get.
As we got to know each other, we guessed what jobs would be good for us. Alexis and Sabrina were very creative, so they would be the chefs. Arianna and Chanel are really good with numbers, and we knew they would be perfect for business managers. Jazmine and Manuel are also creative, so they would be perfect for marketing directors. But there was a mix up.
When we were doing job interviews Arianna, Chanel, and Jazmine checked the wrong jobs. So the jobs got mixed up. Arianna and Chanel got marketing director, and Manuel and Jazmine were the business managers. Surprisingly, it worked out better than we thought it would. To come up with the restaurant name, Arianna put all of our first initials together and made the name "The Jam Sac." (
Phase one for marketing directors looked fun, but complicated. From the looks of it, they liked it but then again it looked difficult too. Arianna and Chanel both said it was enjoyable, but a lot to do.
Phase one.
~Phase Two~

For the Business Managers, Manuel had said the beggining of phase on was hard but as it progressed it got a little easier. He also said it was a very good expirience.
For the chefs, it was very difficult to come up with menu items. We as a group wanted to be original. That worked out alright. We did get inspired by a couple of other restaurants.
Phase Two
We all enjoyed phase two because...
Phase two for the chefs was fun, but hard. When we were calculating the prices it got difficult because we didn't know how the prices would be and if we calculated wrong.
For the marketing directors it was fun. We had a fun time creating the advertisement and it was fun just messing around with the cool features and trying to get it to fit the style we wanted. The only challenging part was finding out how much it would've cost because we've never done anything like it before.
For the business managers
~Phase Three~
For the marketing directors had a fun time making the commercial. They came up with a funny commercial. We all loved shooting it. It took a lot of time putting the commercial together and we had some help from Alexis. She was a big help for us
Jazmine & Manuel experience working in the restarant was great jazmine and manuel worked together fine and made great effort.
For the chefs it was challenging because sabrina was putting the prezi together. She was preparing it for the presentation. Alexis was helping chanel with the commercial and putting it together because she knows how to do that stuff. Arianna was a big help she basically did all of the menu. She did help us alot so we have to give her the credit for helping us.
I loved the experienced that I had the opprutunity to do. It showed me that opening a business was a lot harder than it seems. I had fun learning and getting to know my group mates a lot better. It taught me mostly how to work better with people .
Stuff We Purchased
We all had a blast with the project. We all thought it was a learning experience and it was fun to get to know each other very well and so what we had a little trouble. The expirience was still fun.
For phase three, the business managers,Manuel and Jazmine worked together as a great team., and at the end of the day, we all come out the class satisfied because we put in all finalized work to finish this project .
When we started this project I was kind of overwhelmed and worried that we weren't going to get this project done in time. I was kind of stressed out at the beginning of this project but it all came together and turned out fine.

When the big project began, I had no idea what I was doing. I fiddled and played with information until the job I was later assigned to. Since I was typically a lazy person, things started to get very complicated. Schedules, to and fro, with all these deadlines we (AND I) had to finish. But in the end, things actually went pretty swell. I had some fun along the way, and I hope my co-workers did too.
Thank you!
Isn't it beautiful?
I thought the project was really fun, actually. There was a lot of work and stress trying to get everything done by the deadline. There was a lot of laughs (and more drama than I expected), but we all pulled through and I'm really proud of what we finished in the end.
Jazmine was absent during this time!
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