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Diana VS Board of Education (1970)

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katie hollingsworth

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Diana VS Board of Education (1970)

Diana v. State Board of Education (1970): Case info
- Diana was assessed using the Stanford Binet Intelligence test.
- This assessment was not given in her native language.
- Results stated that Diana had mild mental retardation.
- Diana was placed in EMR class.
- EMR classes focus on social and functional skills with little focus on academics.
Controversy Over Assessment
Scenario: A Spanish-speaking student is placed in special ed because he scored low on an IQ test given to him in English.
Diana v. State Board of Education (1970): Arguments
Unable to comprehend the test due to language and cultural differences.
Placement into the special class for mild mental retardation was based ONLY on the IQ test.
Children were in turn given services that were detrimental to their development.
Diana v. State Board of Education (1970): Conclusion
A consent agreement was signed between the State Board of Education and the families.
Children's who language is not English be tested in English AND their primary language.
Elimination of IQ score as sole measure of assessment for spec ed
Diana v. State Board of Education (1970): Impact on us
Increased awareness and focus on cultural and language barriers in assessments.
Look at other factors besides an IQ score when placing a child.
Always work in the best interest of the child!
Implications for School Psychologist
We have a responsibility when placing non English speaking minorities.
Always consider cultural differences when working with children.
Diana VS The State Board of Education (1970)
Do you see an issue with this?

Introduction: We will discuss
Controversy Over Assessment
Case info
What does this mean for us?
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