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Isabella d' Este

No description

Sophia Basaldua

on 1 June 2011

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Transcript of Isabella d' Este

Isabella d' este Isabella d' Este was born on May 18, 1474 in Ferrara. Isabella had eight children

Eleonor: 1493-1570
Margherita: 1496-Unknown
Frederico: 1500-1540
Livia: 1501-1508
Ippolita: 1503-1580
Ercole: 1506-1565
Ferrante: 1507-1557
Livia: 1508-1569 as a child, recieved great education and excelled in school. she studied roman history, math, and rapidly learned to translate Greek and Latin. Early Life Marriage Ten years later (at age 16) she was happily married to Francesco, who had by then succeeded to the marquisate. they later moved to Mantua. Children Known as "First lady of the renaissance" in the 1490's Isabelle's husband was captured and taken to Venice. with this, Isabella took command of armies. in 1512, her husband was released Francesco became Jealous! She then traveled to Rome in 1527 In rome, Isabella started to become a more strong and independent woman This shows that she is a very strong woman in Rome, her house became an asylum for about 2,000 people who were fleeing the imperial soldiers. Husband was Captian General of the United Forces Rome she saw the way people lived at that time in Rome and wanted to change that. while living in Rome, Isabella lived like a queen and was the center of public attention. In her 60's, Isabella decided to move back to Mantua in 1480 (at age six) Isabella was bethrowed to Francesco Gonzaga Mantua In mantua, Isabella did alot to help. She made Mantua a cultural centre, started a school for girls, and turned her apartment into a museum of fine arts Later Life in Isabella's free time she liked to play music, collect art, and buy/wear fine clothes like furs and perfume. portrait of isabella ROME Ruled parts of Romagna, Solarlo. Isabella d' Este died on February 13, 1539 As a woman, wife, mother, diplomat, and creative soul, Isabella served as information to those around her. many looked up to her, and this is why she is remembered in history today. Glossary innovator ducal diplomat betrothed heir marquistate marchesa imperial Glossary Innovator ducal diplomat betrothed Heir Marquisate Marchesa Asylum Imperial To introduce something new; make new changes in anything established of or pertaining to a duke or dukedom. Duke is a male ruler a person who is tactful and skillful in managing delicate situations, handlling people, ect. By Sophia Basaldua By Sophia Basaldua By Sophia Basaldua engaged to be married a person who inherits or has a right of inheritance in the property of another following the latter's death the rank of marquis. the territory ruled by a marquis or a mangrove an italtian noblewoman, equivalent in rank to a marquis. the wife or widow of a machese an institution for the maintenance and care of the mental ill, orphans, or oother persons requiring specialized assistance. of, like, or pertaining to an empire, emperor, or emperess Work cited "Isabella d' Este."
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2009 THanks for watching portrait by Titian. she was 25
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