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Wanna Join the Linguistic Team - English Transcriptions?

Tutorial on how to participate in the Linguistic Team's Transcriptions Team

rodrigo cardoso

on 4 February 2012

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Transcript of Wanna Join the Linguistic Team - English Transcriptions?

A subtitle in any language should have no more than two lines of text. So, if a subtitle with an English transcription is longer than 1.5 lines (~70 characters), it is not leaving 25% (0.5 lines = 25% of 2 lines) extra space for languages, like Greek or Finnish, that need more characters to translate from the english transcript. Split the strings that are too big or transfer a few words from 1 string to the next one, in order to correct it. DotSub English Transcriptions Join the Team Join the Team The Tools How to Start Register on the Linguistic Team Forums The "English Department" section inside these forums is the main communication tool for the English team. Here we can share our considerations to improve the overall process but also, we can ask anything we need. Open the link...

Make a registration on the forums... The Guidelines Proofreader Transcriber Timestamp-Shifter Translator Translation Proofreader are what allows every member of the team to "row" in the same direction.
The English Dept (Transcribers, Proofreaders, and Time-Shifters) aims for: the best possible transcript for translators to work on, suitable to all languages and their specific alphabets and text lengths. The transcript must also be in harmony with the image and sound, producing one comprehensive and easy to absorb document. The most important Guidelines to be considered during the Transcription task are: Minimum display time for a subtitle:
*1.5 seconds Maximum character length for a subtitle:
*70 characters The grammatical structure of the sentences should be harmonious with the speech and the transition between strings. To register on Dotsub
and learn how to transcribe, click here: A minimum of 1.5 seconds for up to 1 line of text
(42 characters) and at least 2 seconds for more than one line,
of display time for each "string"
will assure that the reading is possible, without stressing the eyes.
If the extension of the timing is not possible, a merging of strings or
transfer of words and time from one string to the next one
are two possible solutions.
If the strings are too small and fast it can make the reading too demanding on the reader's eyes, causing him or her to lose focus. Remember:
*1.5 seconds minimum for each string and
*maximum of 70 characters/string,
are the most important rules.

*Harmony of the subtitles with the speech flow and sentence structure is not so mathematical; it is a sensibility issue which requires time and patience. The harmoniousness of the text should be seriously considered when we
split the transcription into separate strings. The split should be made in accordance with the grammatical structure of the sentence. The grammatical structure and the harmoniousness are what determines the transition from one string to the next one, not the maximum space limit available per string.

Splitting a string between a subject and its verb,
or separating the words in a verb phrase,
can be more difficult to read.
Instead, the transcriber should split the string
according to the segments of the sentence
to make reading easier." For a better integration of the overall guidelines, check the
Guidelines main location on the Wiki: http://tinyurl.com/LingTeamGuidelines Every video that enters the LT system will pass through 3 stages Transcription means creating an original text version
from audio files or videos. In the Linguistic Team,
both the audio and video document transcriptions are made by the transcriptions team. Proofreading Proofreading is basically checking the text for
grammar or spelling mistakes. The members of the proofreading team should be
native English speakers or at least have equivalent level. Timestamp-Shifting The Time-shifters are responsible for:
synchronizing the subtitle text with the voice on the video and
proofreading the guidelines related to timing and length of the strings. This train will take you on a trip through how to "Join the Transcriptions Team" in a rich exchange through our communications platform Get aquainted with "The Tools" and "Guidelines" that facilitate the task Follow a Step by Step tour on
"How to Start". Hi! Linguistic Team Forums Open the 2. Choose a project/forum thread... ...and check what is going on with that project. If you want to transcribe/help to transcribe that video, subscribe to that thread and post a message so the others are aware of your intentions. 3. Open the proofreading notes... ...where you should report all the information that you think will help the translators/proofreaders working on this project after you. 4. Open the Working location. Login in dotsub, click the "transcribe this video" link and follow the guidelines! : ) 5. After you add the last required line of a transcription,
do not click on the "Mark this transcription as completed" link. Instead, post to the same forum thread that "it is complete and now ready for Proofreading." http://tinyurl.com/LingTeamForums ...before it is ready to be translated Hope to see you soon : ) http://tinyurl.com/LingTeamForums http://tinyurl.com/HowToTranscribe 1. Scroll down through the forums
until you reach the "English Department"
and then open the "Transcription Team" section. And post in the "Tea&Cookies" area inside the "English Department",
telling the team that you joined : )
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